Newborn hats Q

Hi ladies, just wondered how long a newborn needs to keep a hat on for?

I only had my baby at 8pm last night, she's had a hat on all night last night in hospital and a new one on all day today, should she wear one to bed tonight too? Just that it's pretty hot at night....?


  • I wouldn't have a hat on them at all indoors at the moment. Babies can't regulate their own temperature yet as they can't sweat on their body, only on their head so when it is this warm I would def say no hat.
    Remember if a baby is too cold they will tell you, if they are too hot they won't!
  • Ahh congratulations! I agree with Sarah. They only put the hat on in the hospital, as baby gets used to being outside mummy incubator. Feel baby's tummy or back of neck, to get an inkling how warm they are. It's better for them to bed too cold, than too hot. HTH. xx
  • I dont know why they do this in the hospital! Its like a sauna in there. I wouldnt have a hat on in doors, like Sarah-jb said they cant regulate their temp. I was really suprised, when Emilia was born, how warm they get.


    P.S Congratulations on your little girl!
  • hi, the hospital never put/asked us to put a hat on ds when we were in there, and i was always told not to have hats on indoors, or if in the car for more than 15minutes. so i wouldn't worry with hats anymore unless of course ur outside. xx

    congratulations again xx
  • Congrats!!!! We were told not to put a hat on our lo unless going out the door. They never put one on her in the hospital & after she was born they just put her blanket round her & loosely covered her head. It's so warm in hospital they really don't need it. A good rule of thumb I was always told put baby in whatever makes u feel comfy heat wise plus 1 layer in 1sr 4 weeks then after just what u feel comfy in.

    Congrats again!!!
    Jayne xx
  • You should not have a hat on them indoors or outdoors if the temperature is higher than 15 degrees celsius (uness you are outside and it is insane wind or when older baby is in the sunshine). This is due to the fact thaat others already mentioned, they can lose heat only through their head. It is better to regulate temperature with layers on their body than on the head, and leave the head bare.

    Never check the temperature on the limbs (hands, feets, nose as well) as when tiny the circulation in the extremities is very poor, thus they will ALWAYS be colder. So check tummy, back on the nack, if they are nice and warm, the baby is warm, if they re damp and sweaty, the baby is too warm.

    That is about it :P
  • Thanks ladies, appreciate the help... I'm glad she doesn't have to wear a hat anymore cuz they've been such a pain to keep on, they're all so big and she's got a tiny head! Plus I was worried it was too hot for one! X
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