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We are looking to buy a stroller to replace our travel system for when we go away in a few months as the buggy at the moment will literally take up the whole boot leaving no room for bags, dog or food!!!

I want something that is light weight, folds up small but is sturdy as has several positions for the seat to recline. I have been looking at the Obaby Atlas Sport and the Maclaren Quest Sport, the Maclaren being significantly more than the other.

Does anyone have either of these that they would recommend or anything else similar. Any advice welcomed as there is SO much to choose from !


  • http://www.mamasandpapas.com/product-pulse-buggy-quantum/100995801/type-i/

    We got this one for holiday with our 5 month old and are really pleased with it. Also if you order a catlogue from them you get a free ??5 voucher to put towards it!
  • Hiya,
    we've got the obaby atlas sport and I love it. Did loads of research into various strollers before getting one and in the end I got ours from kiddicare.com It was on offer for ??61 at the time but not sure whether it still is.

    We got ours for exactly the same reason as you and Ive found it so much easier to transport and my daughter sleeps well in it too.

  • Hi there,

    have a look at this forum entry. I wrote down a list of recommended strollers which I have come across reading multiple stroller posts on here:


    Hope this helps
  • I just got a silver cross pop and its really good. I chose it over the maclaren just because it has a cup holder :lol:
    I was also quite tempted by the petite zia star but the basket underneath was teeny.
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