Marley & Me :( ........

OMG! I have never cried so much at a film in my life!!!!
Me and hubby went to see it last night and it was one of the hardest films to watch ever!

Normally at sad films it gives me a lump in throat, eyes sting etc, but omg i was howling, hubby thought it was rather amusing watching me cry like a baby!

But he also admitted that he had a lump in throat and if he was watching it alone at home he would also cry!
We had to pick up Jaimi-Lee from MIL's but 1st we nipped home to get Kelsie our little westie and both raced to give her a cuddle and took her to MIL's lol, she must've been thinking 'What have i done to get so many cuddles' lol.
Its one of those films that really gets you and makes you appreciate things more.

So word of warning to anyone going to see Marley & Me... TAKE PLENTY TISSUES! AND WEAR WATERPROOF MASCARA! lol xxx

Sharon x


  • Right...confession. I read the plot on Wikipedia so I've spolit it for when I see it! I thought it was one of those animals talking films so was surprised at the plot. I can see why you cried so much. I would still cry even though I know what happens.
    Must stop looking on wikipedia!!!!
  • Not gona tell you Katie lol, but put it this way.. you will love Bitzie and Sock a whole lot more and anyone with a dog and kids will find it hard to watch!
    Weve got some hard times ahead of us with pets and kids image
    Dont know how ill manage that. U will know what i mean when you see it.
    Defo see it tho hun! Good film! It is a comedy too and sooo funny image

  • I've read the book, it is sad image A good read if you have dogs though as bits were very true for us!! Were going to see my parents in a few wks, planning an meal out and a film - Marley and Me was one of the suggestions

    P.S I Love You had me crying like a baby, OMG lol
  • I read it when i was in hospital, the nurses thought i was crying because i was scared of operation was quite embarressed to say i was bawling over a book about a dog lol

  • oh dear! i cry at any animal film. lol.

    Turner and hooch, k9, fly away home. lol. I'm gonna be in a right state because i kind of already know whats gonna happen through over hearing someone talking about it.

    Good luck everyone that goes to see it. lol

    Lisa xxx
  • I can't believe I read this post. I shouldn't be so nosey. It's on at baby cinema next wk and I'm really looking foraward to it. Wasn't expecting to cry. Sx
  • ooh i wanna see that i have seen adverts of it i love the dog running along the side of the car! i have 2 dogs who i couldnt imagine being without if i think about them not being here i make myself cry! x
  • You haven't read the book then........ I want to see it but when i read the book I blubbed and I wasn't even hormonal then!!
  • Oh Ruth, dont u watch then! Ur hormonal enough! lol :lol:

  • Hormonal? moi??? whatever gave you that idea?? :lol:
  • Mmm not sure ruth! hehe :lol:

    Have you got the book? I might borrow it from you! ;\)

  • i read the book and loved it - it had me laughing out loud at the 'Marlery Mambo' (if youve read it youll know what i mean!) as our dog does that bum wiggling thing as well, and then proper crying with snot and everything by the end - not a good look on a packed train to work!
  • i wish i'd not read this i thought it was a comedy!! xx
  • I have read the book and cried loads at that so will prob be the same at the film !!

    We used to have a golden Lab too

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