Double Buggy - Maclaren techno reviews please

Hi ladies, just wondered if anyone has got or has used a maclaren techno double buggy and what you thought of it?

I'm looking to get one tonight second hand to use with my new born (when he/she comes!) and my toddler so need input quite quickly!!


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  • Haven't used one personally as such but SIL had one for her boys and had no issues with it. I used when I looked after them each week and I thought it was good too (but then haven't tried any other doubles!) narrow enough to get round shops easily, easy to use, easy to fold and put in/take out of the car...a does exactly what it says on the tin type of buggy.

    Just make sure the brakes work well, I heard that sometimes you think they're clicked on when actually they're not, oh and depending on its age you might need to buy finger guards for over the folding mechanism thingy

  • Sorry going to be really thick here; finger guards?! I take it this is one of those Maclaren buggies that chopped fingers off?
  • I don't know which one it was that did the chopping but they all come with finger guards now (well mine did a single XT sport) they're just like little pouches that you put over the folding mechanism at the sides - tbh I'm not sure how LO's fingers get chopped off in them unless you fold the pram with them still sitting in it!?!?!
  • Yeah i always wondered that! Thanks for the help with it all mybutler. We didn't win it in the end - was on ebay - so we've decided to put it on hold and try and go to a few shops and have a play with various prams before making our decision. Thinking about it we should have done that to start with, just saw it on ebay and thought it was a good deal!!

    Brakes are never a concern for me - I don't think I've ever used the brakes on my buggy and lo is 20 months old now! :roll: I just never let go!!
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