Slattery's is Booked!!!

Hi ladies,

I have booked a table for 5 at Slattery's for 11.30 on Wednesday.

Roll on cake and hot chocolate and all thoughts of dieting are at the door lol



  • ooo cake, enjoy ladies! x
  • Noooooooooooooooo not so jealous....enjoy.xx
  • yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!
  • the chocolate cake, the hot chocolate, sticky toffee pudding, cream, ice cream.............. oh sorry, WHO's giong, now WHAT is going!!

    silly me.....

  • Definately Me lol
  • Erm girls I thought the nastiness had stopped on this site...reading this is pure
  • The Hot Choc is absolutely out of this world (sorry Katie) and they put BIG chocolate coin thingys on the top and they melt into it and now I am drooling over my computer lol
  • i dont like hot chocolate, but many a time i think i could be converted!!!

    cake, cake cake, cake, cake, cake, cake CCCCCCCAAAAKKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!

  • oh, yes, i am going too!!

    can you tell?
  • 26 hours til chocolate frenzy pmsl!!!!
  • wow, that looks amazing i just looked it you all live in the north west then? can i tag on the next outing? im in wigan so not too far really! x
  • Come tomorrow if you want Listef!

    If its too late for you to join us by all means come next time hon!

    And is it really that obvious I am a chocoholic lol (24 and a quarter hours to go) !!!!

  • I can't make it image . Poppy is in her last full time week with the childminder (until I get a new job!) and they're off out for the day!! Next time gadget!
    Ps - Listef- where in Wigan??
  • haha, its a little obvious!

    i cant now tomorrow, the mil and fil are coming round (i dont think i need tell you where i'd rather be?!!) but i am soooo coming next time! you live in Bolton dont you?
  • I just that minute sent you a message Donna lol x
  • I live in Golborne - where are you?
  • Im in Hindley! oh thats really close! we could car share for the next one if you like..i dont mind driving! x
  • Sounds good to me! I was in your tescos the other day!!
    I'm gutted I can't go tomorrow - well, I could go, just not take Poppy!!!Think I'll leave it till next time though!!
    When's the next one Lee?? December maybe??
  • i wish i could go this time. i saw you all talking about it last time but didnt realise it was something local. should of realised really as i knew Lee was Bolton way.
    excited for next time tho! Vanilla, where in wigan are you?
  • We can arrange another one for December - that is FINE by me!!!! The more the merrier and the more often the better lol xxxx
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