Door bouncer or jumperoo?

I need to get one or the other as ds loves being on his feet and I know he'll enjoy it. Was going to get a door bouncer, but I know the jumperoo's are raved about, but are they worth the cost difference?

Thanks ladies x


  • Jumperoo every time! We have both but the door bouncer has now been relagated to the cupboard! It was great when dd was smaller and too short for the jumperoo. The jumperoo is great for just getting 10 minutes peace to have a meal! :lol:

    I got my door bouncer from ebay, it was only ??4!

  • we have both and we have had more use out of the jumparoo, another product you may want to consider is an activity station as thats standing aswell, i think LO is more entertained in the jumparoo and activity center than the bouncer as there are things to play with x
  • i also have both but would pick the jumperoo (or jump'n'poo as it's called in my house lol) every single time
  • ha - we call it a jumpypoo! I would vote for this too although if you can pick up a cheap door bouncer they are good too. I use it if i need to clean upstairs for example as it's much easier to move than a jumperoo. LO loves his door bouncer nearly as much as his jumperoo but his jumperoo keeps him occupied for longer stretches! Check out netmums for both though - I got the door bouncer for ??5 and the Jumperoo for ??20 and they were both in an as new condition xx
  • Jumperooooooooooo

    Best thing ever.
  • Jumparoo. Although it is expensive I feel it is worth every penny. My daughter iss 22 weeks and loves it!
  • I know the jumperoos are raved about but i couldnt justify the money and off ebay i brought a leapfrog learn and groove acticty station for ??15 and Lizzie loves it!!
    might be a happy medium??
  • I went straight for the jumperoo when LO was about 14 weeks and she loves it. I put a cushion under her feet so she has something to propel herself off of x
  • JUMPEROOOO all the time. My LO loves his, the door bouncers are so difficult to get LO's in and out of unless you have 10 pairs of hands!
  • Thanks ladies, think this definitely means we need to get a jumpeoo, now to convince oh it's worth the money. Kicking myself as I reserved one ages ago when Argos had them on offer but never got it as thought it was far too early! Might have to see if any friends have a door bouncer we can borrow for the time being until the jumperoo's are on offer somewhere again, I'm not tight but hating spending more when you know you'd be able to get it for less
  • Jumperoos have a brilliant resale value on Ebay - so you could buy one off there and the resell it when LO is done with it.
    I really recommend the Jumperoo - best purchase I made!
  • I got mine from they had a voucher for ??30 off your first order! I've just looked and they give you ??25 off your first order over ??40 with this code: ZZ082.

  • We had both for dd and i found i couldn't put my dd in the door bouncer on my own without a struggle... she nearly fell out backwards once as i thought i had got her in but i hadn't !

    Jumperoo i think! xx
  • I am going against the grain here but for us, my LO LOVED his door bouncer, I used to be able to unclip him and take him room to room. My friends and family would also laugh as I would take it everywhere!

    Maybe if he had a jumperoo he would have liked it but he wasnt too fussed when he tried other peoples.

    On reflection I am glad I didnt buy it and saved the money as LO loved his door bouncer and it was space saving. x
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