i'm sad :( (also in BIJan)

after my gorgeous lil girl coming home from her stay out at nana's on sunday a lovely shade of bright red i specifically asked if it could be sunburn as it fell all hot (and she had some on her ankles which i thought was strange at the time) but i was assured it was just coz she was teething. had a rant at other half about sunburn as i wasn't convinced, it was too coincidental for her to have it on her ankles exactly where the pants i'd sent for her would have ended, but he told me to let it go.

well anyways the redness has fully subsided now and as it's gone away lil pie has returned to her usual cheery self but i woke up this morning to a baby who's little face is full of peeling skin! Grrrrrrr. now i know she might have been a bit pink from teething, but surely someone (she waas with four adults...all who have children!) should have noticed that she was getting sunburned for it to be so bad that her little face is peeling???

it makes me so sad because we were assured loads of times it was just off her teeth, but she was waking crying in pain loads for about 3 days and now i'm upset because if i'd been told it could be sunburn i coulld've got some aftersun or something to stop it hurting her image

no need to reply just wanted a little rant beforeshe wakes up from her nap and i have to spend the day restraining her from scratching her little face x


  • I have absolutley nothing constuctive to say. I would be going APE SHIT!!! Seriously I think you need to unleash hell on who was looking after her, what the hell were they doing? They must have been pissed.

    Sorry for the lack of help on this but I feel your pain! Your poor baby.


  • i think i too would have lost it too!!! your poor wee one. Give her extra cuddles and apply the lotion now or aqueous cream to help the peeling xxx
  • well i did lose it once my parents went home at OH coz i was convinced that it was sunburn but everyone told me i was wrong image should've listened to mummy instincts!

    i'm actually really shocked because DD is pale skinned and ginger like me and my mum was obsessed with making sure i was always covered as a child coz of how easily i burned. so i am assuming it purely was an accident (possibly coupled with a lil bit of pinkness from teething?) but if it happens ever again i will unleash holy hell on them!
  • Personally, I would make sure it never happened again. Why did you lose it at your OH, was he looking after your DD? I thought it was your parents, in which case it should be them that you have a good and proper talk to.

    I'm very pale too and know exactly how your poor baby must have been feeling. However I find it hard to believe that it took you until her face started peeling to realise that it was actual sunburn - 3 days?

    I'm sorry if I have offended, I'm always honest and speak from the heart. However I do hope that you take steps so that your daughter never has to suffer in this way again xx
  • i got mad at OH because he told me to just listen to my mum and believe it's teething. i was putting some cream on her face as it still felt hot and i still wasn't convinced, am just mad that it was bad enough to cause her face to peel and yet everyone told me i was overreacting and it was her teeth

    and no you haven't offended hun, i know what you mean, i just kept getting told off every single person it was teeth so i just ended up agreeing image i should've known it wasn't, afterall you can only tell she has a tooth if you put your finger in her mouth so if i hadn't told them i bet they wouldn't have even known or been able to blame that image
  • Big ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))) for little Emmy-lee.

    My mum would be getting it! Im really pale and sunburn hurts!

  • Oh you poor things, don't blame yourself and I'd also be furious, peeling!!!
  • I would be going mental at whoever was looking after her. There is no excuse for that - and to try and cover up by telling you it was a teething rash is really unfair.

    Hope your DD feels better soon - I wouldn't be leaving her with whoever was looking after her again until they demonstrate some responsibility.


    C image
  • Oh your poor daughter, that is truly awful. I would be fuming if this ever happened to my ds in my parents care and in all honesty probably wouldn't leave him with them again.
    I hope her face is ok now x
  • aw i replied when u first posted it be ate it ggggggrrrrrr

    short version ggggggggggrrrrrrr for you and hugs to your wee chicken shes lucky she didnt get sunstroke - itake it you said to granny re peeling face not at all to get at her but to make her aware for next time?
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