no wonder it hurt!( sorry tmi!)

After my labour i was told i just had a graze but i couldn't understand why it hurt so bad, i could hardly walk and just felt so sore and uncomfortable. Other mums i knew who'd had grazes were up and about within days so i didnt know why 3wks later it hurt like hell. Anyway 10weeks on its still tender down below so went to the doc who examined me to say that my labia had torn and that i should have had stitches - no wonder it bloody hurt!! it has partially healed and will continue to heal on its own but has obviously taken much longer!
(sorry if tmi! lol)


  • Ouch!!

    How the hell did the MW's not notice it?!

    Glad you're on the mend now though image

  • aw hun, that does sound very ouch! I had a episotomy (sp?) and only now 16 weeks later feel normalish again. I hope it heals quickly for you! x
  • That's awful you poor thing! Hope you're feeling better and more comfy soon x
  • ouch!poor u.what we go thru hey! xxx
    No wonder women have babies- men would never cope!
  • Bloody hell, you poor love! ouch! xx
  • oh babe that is not nice. Trouble is we dont know what its meant to feel like. I hope it heels up soon x
  • ouch! How could they miss a thing like that, i hope it fully heals soon xx
  • owwww god that has god to hurt i cant beleiev they didnt see summink like that !!!!
  • thanks girls. i actually didn't get examined down there afterwards, well poss a quick glance which i thought was odd at the time but i trusted what they said about it being a graze and was obviously caught up in being a mummy!! now all i need to do is bite the bullet and have 'special cuddles' with hubby - im tooooo scared! lol!
  • Poor you! Is good that it is healing by itself though.

    As for the 'special cuddles' - use lots of lubrication...and dont rush it. It took me 5 1/2 months to feel brave enough. (I was cut and had a graze) the more relaxed you are the easier it will be!
  • How could your mw miss that??!!

    Bathe in lavender oil it helps heal & cleanse it. I tried it with my stitches and it helped.
  • I didnt know i had a graze until i read through my notes thoroughly when i got home you would think the hospital would tell you these things also they didnt weigh the little man before we left which my HV wasnt happy about!
    I hoper you heal up soon this is terrible that they missed something like that!

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