fao 4leaf

Just wanted to say deep down I admire you for your honesty


  • WTF???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • hahaha lol get it now lol
  • Well woever you are - Becki....I do not care anymore. Just leave all us proper mums alone.
    I can't keep quiet never have been able to. You are proving what a nutter you are with all your posts (and offensive posts from the past if it is the same person). What have people like me ever done to you eh??!!
  • I'm getting really wound up with all this.
    This could be Becki or a pervert!
    My oh works in IT and wants to take lap top off me and do his magic to find out who it could be and report all posts to the police from sofedup etc etc
    He know how upset I was the other night and he's a clever man so this person had better watch out!
    You can't hide for ever!!!!!!!!!
  • My lo can speak, has been able to since birth....
    All babies are born with voice boxes you know...they just can't speak words.
    If you had a lo you would know they speak with their cry so we know exactly how they feel thank you very much xx
  • Standing up for their babies, when you called them upsetting names the other day. I don't think anyone in their right mind would LET you near a baby tbh. You're mental. I'm sure that CCBMommy doesn't need you sticking up for her daughter. She is a perfectly good parent and does not need help from the likes of you.

    Your physcotic.
  • well said Garfield xx
    Especially the last 2 words
  • Sorry I can't bite my tongue any longer. I have quiet since all this sofedup stuff started but I'm not doing it anymore. Your LO is gorgeous honey, and it was really upsetting to read. Mind you, Katies daughter is beautiful too. I know how much it hurts because someone once said my LO looked like she had downs image due to long labour her face was quite swollen. Probably why I'm getting so riled up, because I know how much it hurts.

  • As said on my other post, will be taking it further myself if BE don't already which I suspect they will be. The mums on here show they care about their LOs by coming on here for advice on difficult matters that they feel unable to discuss with certain professionals. We don't have to justify anything to somebody who is sat at home with the laptop, probably doesnt have a job or hasnt ever been able to keep one because of a reduced mental capacity and lack of intelligence shown by countless spelling mistakes and errors. Whilst we all get to enjoy watching our children grow and know we have all put in hard work and done our job to the best of our abilities, the person who instigated this pathetic and quite bizarre hate campaign can sit in their dirty little flat crying themselves to sleep and trying to convince themselves that they are worth something because they can upset mums who are protective of their children anyway (so not difficult!) Well done, you must be so proud of your achievements in life!
  • Aw bless, I thought there'd never be a comeback, well done you! You must be really pleased.
  • Besides, you probably are half the women on here!
  • Maybe that's what she means :lol:
  • STFU 4leaf. You are the sperm your mum wishes she'd swallowed. NOW GO.
  • right I have kept me mouth shut as I cant be bothered with all the sad weirdo's who come on here and cause shit but what I have read lately - you need locking up to say someone's child looks disabled how sick, twisted and f**ked up are you - go find a life and get some bloody help - stop living off the state which is obviously what you do to come on here and watch us all day you sad little tw*t and dont even think of insulting me or dare my child because if I could reach into the computer believe me I would, you are a sad worthless woman who makes remarks about precious children
  • yeah right whatever - a big liar aswell as sad tw*t are you
  • the facts are there 4 leaf! if you have read my replies to the other posts i KNOW its you and you know i do! plus be will trace your ip address, regardless of howmany email accounts you use, or how many laptops and pcs you use in your house or your relatives house, yes you know who i mena! it will all result down to the home address of you!
  • Well we'll soon find out.
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