Cherry soothers

When i prepared 4 the arrival of my lo, i got sum dummies 2 have on standby.. And yes i ended up giving in and using them, mainly cos the mil came 2 stay, and every time he made a sound even a tiny noise she kept saying "oh.. He wants a dummy.." all day 4 over a week, so at 2mths old he got one, shldnt av let mil get 2 me! Any way, ive seen other types, one called orthadontic! Are cherry soothers ok? Or bad 4 teeth, why are there diff types? Help! X


  • my lo has they cherry shape.. they are the only shape she keeps hold off.. the hv told me is becuse of babies havin different sucking actions and what shape they can keep hold of best the orthodontic ones slip out of brookes mouth..
  • they say ortha ones are better for teeth but i starte off using cherry and now my lo wont have an ortha one for love nor money!!! lol hes very fusy with his soothers. get the ortha ones if you can get him too take them as they are nicer designs and you have more choice, i bought 2 lovely glow in the dark ones they were 5 quid! he wont have
  • Evie had a cherry one because i didn't know the difference when preg and thats what a bought, and so thats what she got used to having and they are bigger than orthadontic. she is now the same as upsy-daisy's LO and can't keep the orthadontic ones in her mouth as they are so small!
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