Ladies..really need your help!!

Hey Ladies,

I have a 6 month old little boy and trying to get him to go to sleep is an absolute nightmare!! He falls asleep quite happily when he is with someone, but as soon as he is in his cot he wakes up and screams for hours! Some nights are ok, and eventually he does go to sleep but some nights i really cant bare to hear him cry so i cuddle him til like 2 in the morning!

As you can probably gather, im exhausted now and could really do with some tips off you, if anyone can help!! Has anyone ever had this problem? and how can it be helped??

Vicki and Jake (6months) xx


  • faith is 8 months old i put on music on in her room i used to stay in the same room so she see me now i just but music on her goes off to sleep by her self

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  • I wish I knew! Louise used to be happy in her cot but for the last couple of weeks has been very unpredictable. (though has always woken for night feeds or just comfort) it has been particulary bad since xmas day.......

    one thing that did work to get her to settle in her cot by herself at bedtime was to feed her so very asleep then dress her to stir her so that her eyes were open when put in cot - then we found on nights where she was more awake she would settle herself.

    Also establishing a good bedtime routine - so she knew it was bath, feed, bed helped.

    I know how you feel with the crying I can't stand hearing Louise cry and if left she just gets herself very worked uo and then has no chance of settling herself.

    Lisa and Louise (5 1/2 months)
  • yeah thats exactly what Jakes like...he tires himself out though, which is good but its just the screaming! i panic if something is wrong, think it will get better over time...hope so anyway! my cousin puts her baby down at 7 half 7 and he sleep right through til 6 the next day! that would be great!

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