Anyone struggling to get to grips with a Mobywrap?

After lots of reading of reviews finally decided to opt for a Mobywrap sling. It arrived this morning and have had several attempts at putting it on but despite the instructions being reasonably clear I'm really struggling - didn't realise quite how much material there would be! Anyone had the same probs? Admittedly may be different when I actually have the baby to go in it! Do I persevere or go for a more structured baby carrier? Any thoughts?


  • Hi hun,

    Have you looked on YouTube for videos? I had one but just sold it because i was unable to carry my dd in it as i am still having spd pains in my hips image

  • I never really like my mobywrap and never used it outside of the house/. I had high hopes so was disappointed - it was just too fiddly with such a massive bit of material! I'm sure others may have liked it though, and I have seen loads of good reviews - maybe someone else can help.
  • i love mine - used it from day 2 (ds is now 13 weeks old) although on hotter days this summer ii've used a mei tai. If you can get to a slingmeet in your area you cpuld meet mums who can show you how to tie it differently to teh instructions and also try other slings.
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