Too nosy to feed

My lo is 10 months today and he's been going off his milk lately. He's always liked his milk but wouldn't have more than 4-5oz a feed in the last week! I always feed him in the front room and he seems to get distracted and want to sit up and look around all the time. So last night after 2oz and refusing any more I put him in his cot and he fed himself and drank 7.5oz. Did the same this morning...changed his nappy while still in cot, gave him his bottle and he drained 7oz. I'm impressed!!! I think my days off feeding him are over....


  • I know yeah, it's all going much too quick isnt it! He'll be 1 in 2 months image He's been holding his own bottle for a while now but usually while sat on me and he just gets distracted by the tv all the time lol
  • Clever Gabe! I wish Charlotte would feed herself her milk! We still have to hold the cup for her. It's a doidy cup though and she does try and hold it but we know the milk will just end up over her head. We'll have to let her loose with it soon though - she's nearly 14 months!
  • I dread to think of letting Gabe loose with a doidy cup, he's bad enough with his nuby cup. He's figured out that if he tips it up and squeezes the teat all the water comes out...somehow he always manages to spill it even with the lid on?! Yet I can shake it, bash it, throw it on the floor and it doesn't leak - I dont get it lol, sly baby!
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