i feel sad

i feel sad that wade can't have all the nice toys that i see all ur lo's have got like the walker things those jumperoo things just we have a small flat and i just can't give wade all the big nice toys i feel that i'm depriving him image
i can't aford a bigger house so he will have to make do with the small toys. bless him
gio xx


  • i wouldnt worry at all about what toys wade has - he'll play with the things he has quite happily, and when he gets bigger, he'll only play with things he shouldnt anyway!! Kids & kitchen cupboards are an ideal (not!!) mix!!

    my 4 yr old still loves taking the pans and wooden spoons, and having a "band"!!!!

    another fave of my kids, and especially Issy at the moment is the toilet seat lid!! it makes a great noise when she slams it down!! she also loves walking around with photo frames of pics of them when they were babies saying "baby, ahhh, baby!!"

    dont worry at all about toys!!
  • aww hun bless u dont feel sad , we only live in a small house 1 bedroom and only living room and kitchen downstairs so no room for jack to play ,but just make use of the space u have got and dont worry that he doesnt have what everyone else has got cos im sure he doesnt know any different , we spent a fortune on toys for jack and he doesnt play with them , make the most of outdoors , we dont have a garden so we take jack to the park or a big field and let him run or kick a ball .....honestly dont feel bad kids appreciate the little things in life xxxxxxxxxxx
  • sorry double post! x

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  • do not worry hun i thinlk faith got to many toy as long as wade got you that all he need.
  • ahh babe dont feel sad, wade dosnt need all the big toys he has a mummy that loves him,food in his belly,clothes on his back and the small toys that he loves! brooke never had a jumperoo and she is just fine! love and attention is all wade needs! just play with him, jumperoos are a bit like babysitters i think u cn just plonk em in and carry on with the housework! (not meant to be offensive to all of u tht have them just my opinion) ur lo is getting lots of mummy time! xx
  • I live in a small terrace house so there isnt really enough space to use a walker ... even though he had one for xmas. We get round this by using it at his nans where it is kept. Also the walker has a feature where it can be used as a bounceroo thingy. We are at my moms quite alot and Lo will be there even more when I go back to work end of next month, so this works for us.

    When he was little he didnt have a bouncer chair he had a travel swing instead and it was great for him to chill out in.

    We have so little storage that his pushchair and car seat are always on view in the corner of the room LOL.

    He had a new playmat for xmas (one that also incorperates an inflatable play ring) and this is great gor small toy storage.
  • lol same trueman! brookes buggy is always up in the living room! luckily now she is forward facing so carseat lives in car! x
  • I feel exactly the same honey...we live in a 3 bed house but it is tiny and we live with the in laws and my oh bro so it is crowded enough there is no room for ANYTHING! It does make me feel a bit gutted sometimes.
  • thanks girls
    i don't feel so bad u all said some nice things too.
    oh my pushchair is always on show in the kitchin well kitchin come living room so no how u feel there.
    thanks again sweeties
  • Hun please don't feel sad about it. When we had Molly (our first) 4 years ago we lived in a tiny 1 bed flat and she had 1 box of toys in the living room. There was'nt even room for a highchair really, we had a fold up one that luckily didnt take up much room. There was no room for ne toys in the bedroom and the storage was terrible. Luckily just after she was one we moved to a 2 bed flat so she finally had her own room, and then we went mad with toys! But up until then it was a pain. Things I found were great in a flat are door bouncers as they take up so little room and molly loved it. She also had a push along walker as they are smaller than the big proper sized baby walkers. To be honest tho as long as baby has your attention and a few toys they aren't going to know ne different and will be happy whatever toys you have. Also with it being winter at the mo being inside prob is'nt helping. Im fed up of it bein too cold to take the kids out, roll on the summer when we can take them up the swings image x x x
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