Anyone tried to get a mortgage on Mat leave?

Hi ladies,

We have just made an offer on a new house which has been accepted. The house is a bargin, and much needed as we are currently living on a first floor flat. We the post office have said we can have the mortgage based on mine and OH wages. Iam currently on full pay until dec, then the last 3 months smp. I have not been able to get hold of my july wage slip due to being on mat leave, i mentioned this to the girl at the post office and she said they will have to contact my employer and to send in my wage slips due to being on smp in dec. we have savings to cover us when i go on reduced wages.

I wish i hadn't said anything as i am going back to work full time in march. But i guess they would have found out that i was on mat leave on my wage slip. Anyone else bought a house on mat leave?do you think i will have any problems getting the mortgage? how will they work out my wage when i am still on full pay and will be for a while?!

I am sooo stressed this is our dream house, the only other thing is to tell them i am going back in dec!!!


Gemma xxxx


  • We were in an almost identical situation! We bought in April when i was still on almost full pay. Gave in last 3 pay slips and the bank were happy with that. Hubs earns a fair amount more than me, and based on our joint salary we could have borrowed a lot more (didnt have enough deposit for it though!!). I said that I would probably return full time, but they didnt want proof of it or take in to account the childcare costs if this had been the case. They didnt see m that bothered to be honest, just as long as they saw the last 3 months!! I would contact your HR for your payslips, they should be sending them to your home whilst on leave. Personally I would tell them what they want to hear, as long as you are not signing yourself to something you are not planning on doing, its fine!

    We went with Abbey.

    We are now in our house, up to the eyeballs with DIY jobs but loving being home owners and creating a real home for our family.

    Good luck!

    Em x
  • hey mrs i did what i had to do was get a letter from my boss confirming what my annual salary was and they used that i differed slightly in that i was at the end of my mat pay so i needed something as it looked like i earned 500 quid a month lol xx good luck hope you get it ok x
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