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Hi ladies my daughter is 7 months but is too long for 6-12 month sleeping bags am i ok to put her in the next size up or is there a reason for me not being able to do this ? i can't think of any im assuming its just to fit the length



  • Hey hun,

    I think that as long as her head won't slip through the head hole she will be fine image As long as she can't wiggle down into the bag.

  • we had the same problem with abby - as she was so tall.

    The only reason they tell you not to, is because (like ladybird says) there is a risk that they can wriggle down inside the bag, but as long as you check it fits OK, then that shouldn't be a problem.

    If you are worried then the gro-bag ones are a lot longer than some of the other cheapy ones, but to be honest, appart from a few car-boot bargains I found, Abby only wore the Matalan cheapy ones (why pay ??30 when you can pick them up for ??7?!)

  • I found that slumbersac ones were really good - much cheaper than grobags, and longer than the supermarket ones like sainsbury and tesco. I bought mine on a website called designer kids and baby as they were doing a deal on buying two. I also really recommend the travel ones as we used to be able to put lo in his sleeping bag to tavel in the car and then lift him out (praying that he woudl stay asleep!) the other end. And I used the travel one even when we weren't travelling too. Really good buys.
  • Thank you very much ladies bought a couple thinking even if her head can wriggle down i wouldnt be wasting my money as they would eventually fit but yaaaay they fit now and no her head can't wriggle down!!

    Oohh the downsides to having the worlds next supermodel for a daughter lol!!

  • lmao mrs p xx what are you to do eh! xx
  • haha she is so flippin tall and skinny everyone refers to her as that!!!!
    Hey ho i suppose there are worse things!!

  • she'll love it when she's older!!! and hopefully she'll make a few million with her career and look afterher wee mammy!! xx
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