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first injections

my son has his 8 wk injections tuesday, any tips? what to expect from baby after?


  • Make sure you have some Calpol in. Your lo could be grumpy afterwards cos of pain/fever.
    Lots of cuddles as well helps!
    He may be grizzly for a few days afterwards as the vaccination goes thru his system. My lo was fine though. The only jabs she reacted to were her 12 weeks ones (she had an upset tummy afterwards).
    He may also get a lump where the needle went in.
    If you notice anything untowards though afterwards ring your gp.
  • Hiya, I was advised by my hv to give calpol a couple of hours before so it is already in their system when they have the jab.My Lo was just sleepy afterwards. If you are bf get ready to latch on straight after the injection as this is a great way to calm them down if they cry. On the second injections my LO didnt even wince...Putting on a brave face like his dad!
  • Abi had hers on Tue and was fine, maybe just a bit sleepier than usual. My HV advised to give calpol an hr or so before then again before putting her to bed.
  • My girls had there's wednesday just gone, and were fine having them and for 2hrs afterwards then they started screaming, so gave 2.5ml calpol each and then after a bit they went to sleep then when they woke up later they were fine!! x
  • Olivia had her ones Tuesday and was giving calpol but did not need to give her any! she was a bit grizzly for a couple of hours but went to bed fine!
  • jessican cried a tiny bit with the injection but screamed when i was trying to get her dressed after waiting 10 mins incase she had a reaction to the injection!!!!
    was sleepy in the afternoon.

    had the injection on the tues but on the thursday she was crying for over an hour. gave her some calpol and she settled ok.
    we were given calpol on prescription by doctor that day.
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