Baby whinging while I eat!!

Gabe's becoming so demanding now he's nearly 10 months. He can't crawl which I think makes it worse for him as he relies on us to give him what he wants still. He whines quite a bit if he's not been held (in unfamiliar places, this is ALL the time!) ... he doesn't cry he just kinda whinges, also if I go out the room he hates it and shouts!

He ALWAYS does it when I eat or cook. It's driving me mad! I'm trying to eat healthily as well so I'm spending quite a bit of time cooking.

Distracting him with toys isn't working lol!!


  • Hmm Lily is the same (nearly 8 months now!) She can't crawl or roll and gets fed up just sitting all the time. She won't stay in her highchair, or her jumperoo and is fed up on her playmate. She grumbles at me...I end up carrying her round the kitchen. Not ideal at all. Rob said the other night she was getting really demanding and the little madam is. Sorry I have no 'answer' but Lily is the same as Gabe! xx
  • no answers either but jessica who is 7 weeks is the same. hard to get joubs done.

    you would think it would get better as they get older
  • Lily sounds just like Gabe. Gabe doesn't roll either - he can, but never does lol. He can go pretty quick in his walker (mostly backwards) but is a bit bored of it lately.

    disco diva...yeah you'd think so wouldnt you! lol! The good thing is when they're older you can keep em quiet with biscuits and stuff, but it's crap for their teeth isnt it?? lol

  • fortunately we've cracked it....archie was the same, even if he was fast asleep, as soon as my fork hit the plate he would wake up and cry, my food would go cold, and he'd be happy, lil bugger....

    but now, i leave changing his nappy right up til plating up, then leave him on the floor to have 'naked time', which usually gives me 5 or 10mins to eat my tea in peace!! or i put him in his swing with music on, with his toys hanging off it and he coo's and oggles them while we eat....

    your LOs are older, so i have no suggestions for older babies, archie is 10weeks and it works for us,,,,,good luck tho
  • Hi tigerlily,

    You say when you leave the room he shouts and the same when your eating tea. Are you out of sight when you eat your tea? Sounds a bit like he is going through seperation anxiety. Although I am no expert on this

    I dont know much about it, but hopefully somebody else can provide you wih more info.

    I remember reading something on here about calling our to your lo if you are out of their sight for reasurrance so they know you are still there. My daughter is beginning this development stage. If she is watching me when I leave the room she will start whinging. I just tell her where I am going and pop out to the kitchen. I then pop back in every few minutes to let her know Im tstill there. If I oop out whilst she is amusing herself and then she starts whinging I call out and say 'mummys cooking the tea I will be back shortly'. Once she hears my voice she appears to settle.
    It may just be coincidence but it seems to be working at the mo.

    You meniton about whining in unfamiliar places, is he the same with strangers? this can also form part of the anxiety development milestone, when they dont want to be with strangers and have comfort and trust in their parents only.

    Could seperation anxiety be the reason? Im not sure if this ahs been of any help. xxx
  • He does have seperation anxiety yeah, he's been terrible with it for a while. The worst thing is when I'm going in & out of the room, tidying up or trying to get ready to go out, he goes bonkers and gets really confused bless him.

    He can see me when we're eating though...

    When I'm cooking I do call to him that I'm still here, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't! I can't really take him in the kitchen with me as it's a tiny, tiny kitchen and he'd no doubt get hold of something he shouldnt!

    He seems ok with strangers! Apparently seperation anxiety is different to stranger anxiety...not sure which comes first but Gabe hasn't shown signs of the latter yet.
  • I admit Im jsut throwing suggestions in the air.
    When you are eating has presumingly he has had his food? Have you trid eating at the same time as him or giving his something to nibble on finger food whilst your having your tea.

    I too dont let my lo in our kitchen either. Trying to keep it as an uot of bounds area!

    Thanks re info on different anxietys. Should probably read a bit more about it so I know what im talking about lol!

    Well I will leave it here and see what the mummies with older children suggest xxx
  • Nathan is the same when we eat - we generally wait now and try to eat when he's sleeping as its easier. We do have lunch together some times but have to feed him at the same time else he just wants what we've got!

    I find it hard trying to cook dinner with him around too. I have started preparing it while I feed him Tea (thank god women can multi task, lol). Then get cooking while oh gives him his last bottle but it doesnt always work out too well.

    As soon as Gabe starts crawling I think you'll find he's less worried by you leaving a room as he'll be able to follow behind you. I heard once that they get worried as they dont know where your going so once he can follow and learn the house layout on his own then he'll be more relaxed about it.

  • Yes Charlotte is like this and it drives me up the wall sometimes! I do tend to leave her to it though as she has got to get used to not being tended to ALL the time (I know that sounds cruel but don't want her to end up being "spoilt").
    Can you put the high-chair in the kitchen whilst you cook? I used to do that before Charlotte crawled and I would tell her what I was doing and it kept her quiet. Plus if I was doing any veg I would give her some to gnaw on too!
    I don't like to let her in the kitchen now she's crawling as she is always round my legs grabbing them and it's dangerous.
  • i have this with grace, while we eat now i have started putting her in her highchair or bumbo with some celery and apple to chomp on and a few toys to distract her,

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