how as the time change affected your lo?

I've already posted this so sorry if this ends up a double post but the first one seems to have got eaten.

It's gone 9 and mines still asleep, he normally wakes at 6.30. Going to have to wake him soon as we are going shopping with mum this morning.


  • I put Oscar to bed early last night as he missed his last nap and I wanted him to be used to going to sleep in the light but found out that if he goes to bed before 7.30 he wakes in the night so I've been up every hour since 4, or 3 as it feels now! He was happy to wait till 8 for his breakfast bottle though so we're roughly on normal schedule now.

    Hope everyone else is having a better morning! Lol x
  • it doesnt seem to have affected him at all at the mo as he has been waking earlier so it was back to wakin at half 7 so fingers crossed it stays ths
  • Everything seems to be ok so far. The big test will be going to bed tonight as in theory it will be an hour earlier as far as Charlotte is concerned. So may keep her up a little longer - we'll see what happens!
  • Amber woke at 8.30, usually up at 7.30 so no change there!! Nap at 11 too so we are on routine so far.

    I am not sure about tonight though as she is usually asleep at 6.30 but that will be 5.30 so I doubt she will be tired then so going to see if we can stretch her out till about 7 xx
  • Theo wasnt too bad. He woke at 2:15am but went back off after a couple of dummy runs and woke again at 8, usually gets up at 6:30.
  • I retract my previous post - she wont go down for her bloody nap!!! lol!
  • Had no problems with either little one. Both been exactly as they normally are.

  • Well he went to bed at normal time tonight, so it has really no effect on us at all, he most of felt like a lie in this morning
  • archie is still awake, norm in bed for 7.30 image
  • Been lucky so far all quite here and on normal 'tight' routine! He woke up at 7am instead of between 5-6am so that's good.
    EmilyB hope Archie falls asleep soon- you might get a lie in, in the morning if he's later to bed?
  • we've been fine, had his bottle at 9am (8am) then his porridge at 10am (9am) but then i gave him his lunch an hour early so it was 12pm (but would have been 11am yesterday) and now we're back on track!
  • We were ok this morning but tonight has been a different story!!! She looked tired at 7.30 after her feed, so ran her bath and everything was fine till it came to putting her to bed.... she screamed for about 40 mins, she kept pulling her hands upto her head as she was falling asleep then knocking her dummy out thus waking her up.... image
    She's settled now though thankfully and fingers crossed it's a one off, she has always been fab at night!
  • hes hsvin a whinge now...i know hes tired but hes convinced he'll miss something if he goes to sleep....hes such a gem at night, still wakin a couple of times, but settles himself back off to sleep....why wont he do this of an eve!! LOL
  • I'm not holiding my breath but so far it's had a positive effect. Archie slept 7.30 till 7.20am this morn. Didn't have to go to him once !! Will probably never happen again but here's hoping. S x
  • We've had no problems, adjusted his routine by half an hour yesterday and then half an hour again today and I don't think he's noticed any different!!
  • well yesterday was fine until bedtime then all 3 of mine didnt want to go to sleep! so were in bed later resulting in them sleeping in this morning as well as me and getting up too late for my eldests nursery oops!! The sleep was lovely though early night for them all tonight now!! x
  • It doesnt seem to have affected Gabe too much - he went to bed later last night (8pm) but he had a late nap as well so I'm not sure if that was something to do with it! He's also waking later (8.30am this morning) but thats a bonus! xx
  • Charlotte went to bed at her normal time and surprisingly she went straight to sleep and never heard a peep out of her all night which was great!
    I, however could not get to sleep for about 2 hours then had an accident during the not that......I fell out of the bloody bed!!!!!! Dont' ask!
  • it had no affect on any of my three at all all went to bed and got up as normal x
  • We had a very late night on Saturday (went to bed around 12.30am) and Louise hadn't gone to sleeptill 10pm. She woke at 7.30am but that was 6.30 old time so we were exhausted!

    She happily went to bed at 9pm - she normally goes between 8 and 9pm. This morning she woke for a feed at 6.30 but went back down till 8am which she hasn't done for ages, great! Hope she continues that way! During the day her routine is all in a muddle but i'm not too strict with it anyway as long as she sleeps at night.
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