teaching my princess to sit up

can anyone give me any tips to help my 6 month old little girl sit up??? i have a v pillow and a blow up rubber ring!!!! she just hates trying. i am desperate for help!!!!!!!!!!!!

Annalisa and Isobel xxxxxxxx


  • 1 - Don't worry. 6 months is still quite young to sit up. My lo is 8 months and doesnt sit up yet.
    2 - Sit her between your legs on the floor, facing out, and put some little toys in front of her ... when she leans forward and starts playing, move back so she is unsupported. It works for us...until my lo realises he is on his own now and falls over!!!
  • I ditto what Tiger Lily and fran1981 said!

    My lo sat up at 6 months. I would support her with cushions and she hated it. then one day she did it by herself out of the blue when SHE was ready to!!
  • brooke sat up unaided at 5 months. she spent a lot of time in her rubber rin with toys in so if she fell back she was caught and soon enough she stated moving away from the edge.but thats very young. she was and is a big girl. my niece is 9 months and just sitting up on her own. xx
  • i also used to sit cameron between my legs and inch away once he was playing. he would sit for a min or so then all of a sudden started to just sit for aaagggges about a week or 2 ago. i put a v cushion a few inches behind him cos he still loses his balance on occasion. cams 7 months on sunday so dont worry about your lil lady being 6 months, some dont do it till much older.
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