Anyone with a house cat??


At the moment Jacob is only 5 months old so isn't crawling around and therefore I can put him on something if I put him on the floor for his tummy time etc.

However, I'm a bit worried for when he does start crawling. I have house cats and therefore a litter tray. What worries me is that when he's crawling on the floor he'll then put his hands in his mouth. Obviously the cats will have walked across the floor once they've been in the litter tray and it's worrying that he'll catch something from them.

Does this situation affect anyone else?? Would love to hear from you please.



  • Hi i have two house cats and tbh i havent really thought about that problem! There litter tray is an enclosed one next to the downstairs toilet and we have already planned to put a stair gate infront of it by the kitchen when he starts toddling. I most likely wont let my lo craw near that area, i have laminate downstairs apart from the living room so it will be quite easy to keep clean but know it will never be completely clean.
    I will probably only let lo craw in the living room. Sorry not much help xx
  • I have one house cat and hadnt thought of t either. he has an enclosed tray in the kitchen right in the corner so i was planning to keep cameron away from it obviously. but as far as putting fingers in mouths after touching the floor i honestly dont know. i suppose cameron will just have to stay out of the kitchen to be on the safe side.
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