Hi girls,
My HV keeps telling me not to lose weight but I cant help it!
before pregnancy i weighed 7.5 stone and i am 5"6 during i went up to 11.5 stone and now have dropped down to 8.2. thats not bad for 16 weeks is it? Im not doing anything to lose it its just coming off and HV says it will affect my milk.
Is this true and what foods make you put on weight?



  • i found i lost loads of weight breastfeeding even when eating a lot. as long as you feel well and eat healthily you should be ok! If your milk has been fine for 16 weeks there isn't a problem x
  • thats a relief was starting to feel really bad about it. I do have to admit though i do skip breakfast a bit which i know isnt good so il make more of an effort with that.
  • Def not a good idea to skip ANY meals or snacks when bf as you REALLY need all the energy to produce milk and you need regular intake of food to keep your supply up!
  • my baby is only 4 weeks old and i now am a dress size smaller than before i was pregnant!!!

    as much as im loving it i have done nothing to lose it. i am breastfeeding so am putting it down to that as i am still stuffing my face with chocolate and cake. its great!! xx
  • Oh i really wish i had stuck at bf now! I went up 2 18stone at end of my preg, she's 5 weeks old on sun n i'm now 14 stone so still got bout another 5 stone 2 lose, i stopped bf after 3 days as i was so tired n sore! Gutted now though lol x
  • you dont need to loose any more babe for your hight thats a good weight
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