losing baby weight !

Just wondering how all of you's are doing and feeling about your weight since having baba ??? Lucy is now 5mths old and I've still got about 1/2 a stone to go and am really struggling to find the energy and motivation to lose it, but i really need to to fit back in my old clothes to try and get my confidence back !!!


  • hi i had jonni 11 weeks ago. and there are a few of us in the born in june forum trying to lose weight just now. so we started a weight loss thread and we post our weights and losses or gains on a mon. not sure what forum your usually in but you can pop in to ours if you want to. or start a weight loss thread in the forum you use the most. i have a whopping 2 stone to lose before im at my pre preg weight. ideally would like to lose at least another stone after that too. started my diet last week and we weight on a monday morning. lost 3 pounds last week, was so pleased.
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