Passive toys for bedtime

Hi Ladies,

Normally we have our bath, and then Daddy reads a story with her before going back to work. I will then come in and give her, her bottle. Up untill a few weeks ago she would take half her milk and then we would lay on the bed together 'chatting'. She would then finish her milk and into her cot.

She still only takes half her bottle and wants a rest, but now she is crawling she is all over the place and wont calm down!! This is then making her overtired and irritable, making bedtime a bit of a nightmare. MIlk is difficult enough as it is!

I was thinking tonight if having some passive toys to play with might keep her in one spot and a bit calmer? I dont really want to move her storytime as My OH enjoys this part of the day so much, and to take it away from him would be terrible. He has very little time with her on his own as it is.

Any ideas??


  • A lightshow? Our LO lays totally still transfixed in the dark being calm...sounds ideal! You could still talk about what you see on the lightshow. Try 'Tomy Winnie the Pooh Sweet Dreams Lightshow'

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