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Hi, sorry not baby related but i was wandering if anyone uses cash back websites? My dads started using one and says its really good. Apparently with every person you refer you get ??5 free PLUS that person also gets ??5 free. Ive just been on the site and they have some very good well know stores to shop from. so everytime you shop through the webites link you earn cashback!! If anyone elses fancy joining please use my referal!!



  • oh and by the way its got thousands of great shops to by from like ELC, NEXT, Debenhams, HMV etc. Definately worth doing!!
  • what do you mean buy cash back? im confused? do they give you money just for shoping threw them? x
  • I use Greasypalm which is very good, I got ??50 back on my house insurance, and cashback every time I buy something through E-bay. It all helps, doesn't it?!
  • i used the referal. when we earn money by using the site, how do you transfer it to a bank account ? i dont quite understand how it works x
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