What ould you do if you won the Lottery?

Just day dreaming as oh has taken the Lotto ticket to work with him (always like to check just in case!) and I was just thinking over a brew what if we have won? What would we do? What would we spend it on first (after all debts are cleared!!)? Not sure I could cope with ??17 million or anything like that but what would you do?


  • I could cope with ??7 million!! I'd give loads away to friends and family etc and also to charities. I'd buy a nice house in the country, not too big but with lots of land and some stables so I could 'work' on the yard when I wanted to!
    We'd have nice cars and spend the first month or so on a monster holiday while we got used to being so loaded!!
  • We would firstly pay off the mortgage. We would then buy a bigger house and rent this one out - maybe to dh's brother.

    I told my mum yesterday that I would buy her her own stables to run.

    Oh, and we'd take a big family holiday!
  • I'd buy a house and nice cars 4 me and oh, decorate a lovely nursery in our new house 4 lo. Pay of my mum and dad, and sisters and inlaws motagages. Buy Mil a house. Get married, Donate to charity. Buy a ridiculous amount of clothes and shoes> go on amazing holiday somewhere lovely and hot ....

    and now back to the real world! was nice to dream 4 a bit!
  • there's a HUGEEE house nearby that my mum and i often joke about living in and it's been up for sale for ages so i'd buy that and ask my mum, dad and sister to move in with us...i'd buy us all nice cars and pay off my mums debts, i'd bring mine and seans wedding forward to asap and just generally have everything perfect....oh and don't forget a MASSIVE telly lol!! x
  • I love palying this game makes me smile thiniking of all the things we could do.
    I'd love to own and run a children's book shop and have a little cafe at the back with home made cakes and hot chocolate. Then just get on having more and more babies to fill our lovely family home with a kitchen where everyone could sit around the table together while I cooked-seriously just makes me smile when I daydream. Will let you know when oh gets home if we've won or not!!x
  • I would buy a bigger house and a nice new car, obviously pay off debts, mortgage, and family mortgages etc. I would like to set up a property management company and buy properties and rent them out, so we still had some kind of income. And maybe buy a nice villa abroad for holidays. I would also like a personal trainer and get fit. LOL xx
  • gastric band, tummy tuck, lipo, breast reduction. bigger house, pool, car, holidays, hobbies. ooooh to dream xx
  • i would buy a bigger house our 4 bedroom is starting to feel cramped with 5 of us in it. would put loads aside in trust funds for the kids.
    then would pay of the morgages on all our brother/sisters and parents houses.

    would hire a personal trainer to kick my ass into shape lol would love to see me falling of the diet waggon then x
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