hi, aint rusk hard? how does gabe chew them? ill be so scared of jayden chocking,what other finger foods do u give him? thinking of ideas for jayden. thanks hun xx


  • Yeah it is hard, like a biscuit, BUT it melts in the mouth. Gabe just sucks it until it is soft enough to eat and then he bites it & chews it up. I give him toast & jam as well, and tried him with those organix carrot sticks this lunchtime, they have all gone down really well! I would try Jayden with some toast first as it's soft. It is hard cos you keep worrying that they will choke but at the same time its so cute to watch them feeding themselves!!
  • do i cut the toast in fingers or smaller, lol that sounds so thick, but i have no idea.
  • Just cut it into fingers...just big enough for him to grasp x
  • thanks babes, will try it tomorrow if i dares lol, how many weeks is gabe? xx
  • He will be 29 weeks on friday. And be 7 months on the 9th dec x
  • hi, can gabe eat lumper solids food has jyden still cant just wonderd how gabe is was with lumps
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