Chicken & tomatoes?

Has anyone had a problem giving their little ones chicken or tomatoes?
Gave Ruby chicken in a tomato sauce (homemade - Annabel Karmel) at @ 1pm and at half past 5 (after a milk feed at 3pm) she started being really sick.
Everywhere, Over and over.
It all came back up.
She has now had some more milk (breast) and gone to bed.
I hope it is not an illness and just the food but why would it be?


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  • Don't know if it helps, but I'm allergic to tomatoes - I vomit violently if I eat them. I can eat cooked tomatoes (like in bolognese or similar), but not raw ones. Could be your LO is allergic? Hvaing said that, I'm usually ill within 1/2 hour or so of eating them.
  • She had one of those tommee tippee feeding pots worth. There was 2 small chicken breasts and half a tin of tomaoted in the recipe which made about 5 portions. Plus other stuff like onion, but she's had that before in veggie purees.

  • maybe the tomatoes or chicken doesnt agree with her? or maybe she just had too much food or milk and brought it up. x x
  • Like QB said - maybe tomatoes are too acidic for her. Try her again in a few days and see what happens then.
  • Thanks ccbmommy. I think I'll wait quite a while though as it was awful poor little thing,
    It went on for ages.
  • have u tried giving her fresh tomatoes? when i make food with tomatoes in for millie i use fresh ones that i skin de seed chop and sautee in butter. x x
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