Pain when pooing

This is for my sister who's youngest is 17 months. She's always cryed when having a poo but is still doing it now. But it is getting worse and she will scream in pain, whether the poo is soft, normal or hard. My sister says she even drops to her knees in pain sometimes. Now she's worried that her lo will be too scared to poo and get bunged up. She's due to have her jabs soon (been put off due to her having lots of colds) so she will ask her hv, I just wondered if anyone on here had a similar experience or any suggestions as to what it could be?

Thanks xx


  • my lennon is 17 months and does straine a little but not as bad as you have mentioned

    i was told prune juice was a good laxative to help,along with real orange,maybe she could try giving her some of that an hour before she poos thats if she is still a bit regular in that department

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  • none of mine have ever had probs, but i do work with 3 girls who's little girls have all had massive problems, and one with a boy who has (it's a big place!!).

    2 ended up with some sort of counselling to see if it was psychological, and one girl went to theatre when she was a baby to "stretch" the anus to see if this helped.

    if it sounds like she is in pain when she screams, i really would recommend she gets the baby looked at by her GP, just to make sure she hasnt got any physiological problems.

    i dont mean any of this to scare you, but it isnt normal to sceam when pooing when it is normal or soft
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