Slow cooker recipes?

Hello again. Does anyone have any relatively simple recipes for a slow cooker? My hubby got me one for xmas (I actually asked for it though, lol) and I thought i'd try it out. Has anyone got any tasty ideas for it? Thanks in advance.



  • Me too please image.... I just pick one up in a shop closing sale, down from 29.99 t 13.10 I could resist... bought an extra for a present too.... I'd love to poach some good recipes.... please lades do share..

  • Bargain Hedgie! Wish i'd seen that deal, would have been able to ask for more for xmas then, hehe. Have got a whole chicken sat in the fridge and a lamb joint, so could bung them in. Got stock cubes too, just don't know what to do with it! xxx
  • I love my slow cooker. I use mine mainly to cook joints of meat in stock, stews (just chuck in everything and add dumplings near the end) and corned beef hash (chopped potatoes, water, corned beef and veg). You can also make soups and pasta dishes like risotto. I got a cheap slow cooker recipe book from amazon which even tells you how to make cakes in it! Havent tried that yet though.
  • Thanks girls. How much stock or gravy do you put into it? xxx
  • If you are doing a joint you need to have it about a third full of stock. For stews etc then you would cover everything you have put in with stock like you would if you did it in a pan
  • i make stew and veg curry in mine , veg curry is vey easy fill with all the veg u like then add curry powder cook on hi for a few hours turn down to low then back on high for the last hour get a bag of micro rice ummmm very nice
  • Hi

    I do a chicken casserole - just put in some chicken thighs, sliced carrots, onions, mushrooms, garlic and stock and leave for about 5 hours on medium setting.

    Have also done the same with beef.
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