have you googled your name?

go on......just for fun!

I apparently write books including one about giving birth. And can see a myspace profile of someone in america with my name! oh......might go and do my maiden name too.


  • lol i just done it,i've written a book,and own an art gallery lol ha the only thing i can paint is by numbers lol

  • best one with my maiden name is that i'm a beauty queen!

    couldn't find me with either name but lots of photos of other people!
  • Omg just googled mine and my full name came up from rozella's facebook thread even tho i've just deleted my info. And another facebook thread has come up with my details on which i hadn't deleted my name from
  • couldn't find any fun thing about my full name tho!
  • my married name is different,their wasnt anything apart from my bebo/facebook

    as far as i'm aware LoopyLou even if you do delete it,it stays on the net!
  • i tried lennon but its all about john lol
  • oh dear! i tried googling her but her facebook is private unless you are her friend. Maybe, add her as a friend, delete everything you have written, then take off your friend list again? I was hoping i could see the pics that sara commented on as didn't see that until i'd already taken her off my list!
  • tried charlie's full name and nothing came up, just a few people on facebook with same name, just typed charlie and loads of charlie and lola stuff comes up!
  • I did mine and 192 website came up, so searched my name and it found electoral roll, address hidden but says my age range and who i live with!!!!!
  • i meant the facebook threads that were written on this site! sorry reading back i wasn't clear x
  • I cant find myself but there is a golfer, jewellery designer, massuer in brighton and hove and lots of links to facebook profiles of people with the same name.

    If i google my maiden name you can find a BE post which im gonna go delete now!!!! Dont want people i know reading all my BE posts.

    I google Francesca and there is an author of same name who writes about financial and marketing stuff.
  • Oh just realised you said deleting it doesnt stop it showing in google!
  • the original post comes up even if u have modified it, so my details are still showing in the thread when i searched on net but on BE its modified and u can't see my details. hope this makes sense

    [Modified by: Gem+Charlie on November 18, 2008 09:36 AM]

  • MKT86 i'm sure thats what i was told but always worth a try
  • OMG!!
    I have just found details of myself on websites I have never heard of. These details include my date of birth, county I live, sexual preference, full name (I never use my full name), even an un true quote my step son has apprently said (which he hasn't)

    Scary, which I hadn't done it now. I'm going to be paranoid.

    Kerry, Freya and Bump
    X X X
  • OMG I just did it and some of my BE posts came up and some from Facebook aaarrrgghhh as if i never knew that could happen!!!!
  • PumpkinPatch thats a bit scary
  • sorry pumpkin patch - I didn't intend for to ge freaked out, was meant to be a bit of fun! - how odd thiugh that these things have come up about you - I would try and get them reoved if you can?

    gem - now I realise what you meant - lol - i deleted my details from that too.
  • maybe the moderator could delete all the facebook threads, then maybe they won't be on the web?
  • just googled my name, im a psycologist, a vet, a smalltime actress and on a pdf list? something to do with a mojo! lol
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