Is this normal?

Eve is a month old and such a happy content baby! On a night though she kiks her legs and arms around and makes really loud grunting noise, it sounds like she's in pain although she doesn't wake up! This happens more often after a feed and I worry it's trapped wind but surely if she was in pain it would wake her?



  • Is it that she is waking up for a feed? I'm not sure hun (but I'm up so thought I'd replyimage Millie kicks loads when breakfast/lunch/supper isn't coming quick enough! maybe ask the hv? xxx
  • there was a thread on hear a few weeks ago and i replied as my DS Was a night time grunter! i spoke to HV and she said its normal and lots of babies do it! He never seemed to be in pain or even wake up but it kept me awake listening to him rooting for truffles!!! in the end we moved him into the nursery quite early so i could get some sleep!

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  • My first LO used to do it, though not my second! HV said it's normal and she never seemed to be in any pain.
  • DD did this a bit but not just at night. She had reflux so it could be something like that. I wouldn't worry too much about it though I don't think it's anything serious.
  • Hiya.It could of been my post you replied to. My little girl is 5 weeks old and from 3 weeks old she has been grunting,squealing,drawing her legs up etc. Lots of people reassured me it was normal and it appears they were right!
    I've had my HV try to change her formula to anti colic but I only give her one bottle a day if I'm out and about.I breast feed the other times.She has been prescribed Gaviscon for reflux incase that was the reason which made her scream for hours and hours one night.She use to grunt from 1am until about 7am and now its from 4am so hopefully she is growing out of it like people say will happen.It does sound like Isabelle is trying to move wind and when she wakes up she trumps/burps etc.You would think this would help her but she carrys on.I've even tried waking her up in the night to force her to pass wind but I find she is then awake for hours.
    These babies are a mystery but the HV said that if she isn't crying then she isn't in pain.
    Another thing I tried whilst I was with her and watching her is lying her on her front. She seemed to have a good hour sleep but I'm worried about doing this all night because its against the 'guidelines'.
    I haven't moved her into her room yet but I've been close lol.
    The above probably doesn't help but try and ignore her grunts,it seems to be normal xxxx
  • my ds does this..he's 4 weeks old! I read loads online and a lot of his symptons suggested mild reflux. I've raised his moses up so he sleeps raised rather than flat and also, once he's finished feedin/burping, i keep him upright for 20-30mins (snuggled on my chest) before putting him down on his side (wedged in with supports) and he now sleeps quietly! he grunts once or twice but the difference is amazing!
    I also swaddle which helps loads x
  • Jason has started doing this at about 2.30 am and I was automatically lifting him for a feed thinking I had cought him before he started crying and got upset. But for the last few nights I have just left him and he has slept on till about 4 am. Its great to get a bit more sleep but I find I wake over and over again thinking he wants fed.
  • oh my goodness, my lo was SO noisy at night. He used to grunt and thrash around - all in his sleep and he never seemed bothered. He has never had reflux, colic or been sick at all. Now he is 11 weeks and seems much quieter! x
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