i wish i didnt have to...

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I am due to go back in 5 weeks today, and I really dont want to. Lo is just shy of 6 months and so we have to start BLW soon. we did purees for 2 weeks a little while ago, but after the initial tastes, she didnt seem interested, so we stopped. I really dont want to start weaning her yet, and would rather EBF for another 2-3 months but she refuses point blank to drink from a bottle, so we need to get her to eat something while I am away. We are practising with a sippy cup, but so far she has only taken two mouthfuls (all by herself though!). I have had a couple of days where i had to spend the morning at work. rather than take milk from a bottle, or eat a puree, she screamed and screamed for 2 hrs until I got home from work, and BF her.

im dreading leaving my little angel, worried that she is starving and crying. also, I would rather wait until she had a couple of teeth before BLW.

maybe I am just being a drama queen.

anybody not wanting to wean until AFTER 6 months?

lisa x
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