Sore Winky!

My little Eoin has never really suffered with a sore bum... but I have just done his nappy and he appears to have a little sore on the underside of his little 'winky' '... and theres also a little sore on his 'goolies' where that bit of his 'winky' rests on his 'googlies'. Its not blistered or weeping, just a deep sore red colour... I always make sure his little bits are all dried properly. I have put some cream on... does anyone know what it is? or do LO sometimes get sore here? xxx Thank you xxxxxxxxxxx


  • both my boys have had sore "winky's" or "peanuts"as we call jacks lol jack is fine and just had to make sure we bathed it alot, but lewis had to be circumsised a few weeks back cos he kept getting infections and was really bad, unless it gets swallon and leaks yellow/white stuff or he cries when he wees i'd not worry and just make sure you keep it clean, xx
  • It could be a fungal infection - cole had one on the end of his willy that lasted ages. Apparently they are common in small boys. It was really red and sore looking. We got cream from the docs which cleared it up
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