Put you off?

Has having a baby put you off having another one?
my little one is 11months and still not sleeping through, it takes ages to get him settled down again and then i have my other half moaning at me because he's got to get up for work and cant sleep because little one is crying. I dont think i'd cope with another one, is this just me being selfish? does anyone else feel like this?
thanks x


  • Ive gt a 7mth whos not sleeping through and totally understand here ur coming from.. It hasnt put me of personally. I did joke to my oh and said 'do you think we can ask for a baby thats sleeps through?':lol:

    My mum aid my older sister was awful at sleeping, then when I arrived I slept through! xxx
  • You're definitely not alone, or selfish! My little one is 7 months and doesn't sleep through either, not most nights anyway. I love him to bits but I would rather have the next one when he is 4/5...he'll be at school so I'll have my days freed up for the lo, and I will have had a bit more sleep by then! xx
  • My dd was 2 before her sleeping was better and by that she still gets up at 5 and wonders into our room at all hours of the night only know she will go back to sleep. I was up with her at all hours sometimes going into her 10 times anight or going down stairs with her for hours before getting her back to bed, always said i wouldnt have another one but then when she hit 1 and some of my close friends started having thier second child i couldnt believe how much it hit me, my little boy is now 18 days old, so who knows it might just hit you one day but if you only have 1 your not being selfish its your choice and your choice alone.
  • Ellie didnt sleep through till 9 months and i am only ttc now, she is 13 months and i dont think you are selfish at all, sensible for your own situation and if you dont want another lo then that is your decision, i bet if everyone had babys that didnt sleep there wouldnt be such big familys around as it really takes it out of you. x
  • Neve s 11 months and we are about to start ttc number two, Neve is a good sleeper now but really needs a solid routine and she was completely nocturnal when first born. I do sometimes wonder how I will cope and the idea of being so tired again and looking after a toddler is daunting but we want three children so I had better learn!
  • i cant defo understand where you are comming from my son didnt start sleeping through the night intill after he was 3 years old by which point i also had a new baby, i had my daughter when my son was 2 years 10 months old.
    thankfully she slept throght from the day she was born as im not sure how i would have coped if i had to get up through the night with two of them.
  • Wow you must have been relieved Jodie!
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