a little advice please ladies

a few things that have been niggling me - toby is 8 months old

1) toby has been being sick randomly through out the day for about 4 weeks - this is really unusual for him. He has had a constant cold - really buinged up and sick is very gungky so thought just cold but 4 weeks??

2) Today we have had 7 pooey nappies - normally we get one a day - they are fairly explosive too

3) toby woke every 2 hours moaning last night - it was really easy to resettle just stroked his head and left but this has never happened before

Can i blame all of the above on teeth - his bottom 2 were nowhere near as bad but there are def 2 lumps sitting on his top gum

4) has started to scream when you take a toy away - i am finding this a little amusinga t the moment but hubby is worried he is becoming spoilt

5) toby has never minded having his face clothes wiped - until the last week that is - full on hystrionics - and its not just touching his face its also when you wipe his top and hands

Any reassurance that this s normal would be great - thank you x


  • With 1 - 3, I would blame these on teething but I blame everything on teething! lol

    With 4 and 5, we are experiencing the same, and my 2 are definitely not spoilt! lol! I see it as them trying hard to exert (sp) their independence on you by telling you that they are in charge, but not knowing how else to do it. Ryan has developed quite a temper when you take something from him, and wants everything Alfie has, even if he has exactly the same in his hand! Alfie just gets angry randomly.

    So, while I have NO experience yet of teething (Ryan's 1st is just popping through!) thats what I would say about 1,2 and 3! 4 and 5 I think are fairly normal!
  • Hi hun,

    My dd was really bunged up a couple of weeks ago while i was at the doctors. He said that it was possibly just a cold, but if it lasted longer than a usual cold, it could be hayfever as they have much the same symptoms. It could be a possibility. I would say the other things could be teething, but i only have experience of the drooling at the moment!

  • Hi. I know James is younger, but I agree with Gem. James screams if you take something away from him. It's their way of saying 'Hey I wanted that, I'll drop it when I'M ready!' As with the washing, James has no teeth, but sometimes cries if I touch his face/kiss his cheek. This could be down to tiredness etc. But could also be sore gums, there doesn't have to be a proper sign of teeth, for the gums to be sore. As for the nappies, any horrid ones can be put down to teething. :lol: As long as you're sure he doesn't have an upset tum, I thought they usually last a few days. Could he have hayfever? Or I think with ear infections you can get a snotty nose sometimes, does he bat his ear, or worry if you touch them. I'm out of ideas, so hope someone else can help hun. xx
  • i also think 1, 2 and 3 are to blame on teeth, until last week we had no experience of painful teething although he got his bottom 2 teeth at 5 months without even a murmur so i thought we were in for an easy ride but last week he had a temperature, explosive frequent poohing and generally being unhappy for 5 days in a row and on friday you could see his top 2 teeth breaking through the gum, since they are now through he is back to his usual self!

    with 4 and 5 i agree with Gemmiebaby as it seems to be them wanting to be more assertive, i have noticed more recently that my LO knows what he wants and doesnt want and is trying his hardest to let me know!!!!!
  • I would agree with Gemmiebaby almost word for word including no real experience with teething as we have no teeth but 1-3 sound like teeth to me.

    4 and 5 we have had too. His face thing has stopped he did it for around a month, I found best thing was to turn it into a game we got a tigger flannel, which he loves and is like a puppet and used this, doesnt always work but I just perservered as he had to get washed :lol: and the toy thing well its more no Dylan you cant have the remote/ that picture frame/ laptop cable etc but yes he will have a proper paddy at times I just smile at him and replace whatever i've taken from him with something else, again sometimes works sometimes doesn't.

  • I agree with 1-3 being teething, my little one is 10 months now and he did exactly as you are describing getting his teeth! Explosive nappies lasted 5 days before tooth broke through and random sickness and runny nose for weeks before that. Hope your explosive poos dont last that long!!

    And yes my son has been doing number 4 and 5 for the last couple of months now. Very much temper tantrums when he doesnt get what he wants and now hates having his face wiped, its like he doesnt have time for wiping of his face, he wants to be playing or doing something better with his time!!

    All normal if my son is anything to go by!

    Good luck!
    Hope the poor wee things teeth pop through soon and stop bothering him!!

  • thank you ladies - you have def put my mind at rest.

    He is usually so happy and inbetween "episodes" he is really trying to be smiley - which makes it even more heartbreaking.

    Bless their hearts x
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