I am gonna start weanin my lo soon and i've been lookin at the fruity custards and things like that and was jt wonderin how much is too much sugar?


  • I may be wrong but I don't think the fruity custards have sugar in. Gabe does have some sugar like today he had some trifle at a 1st birthday party, and he has rusks. But not anything else. I tend to make my own fruit purees for him, that way they have no extra sugar - apple & banana or pear & banana are my los faves, xx
  • I would avoid anything with added sugar until weaning is very well established - you don't want to develop a sweet tooth before they've learned to love veggies etc!

    I bought muller little stars once and was horrified to see that sugar is high in the list of ingredients. Now my lo only gets natural yogurt with fruit. He's such a healthy eater and so far doesn't have too much of a sweet tooth, apart from when it comes to fruit - and at least that has vitamins too!

    My lo will get a bit of birthday cake for his first birthday and then he'll get the odd sweet treat.
  • I am plannin on makin my own purees but i know there'll b times when it'll b handy to have them in jst in case. I was readin the label and it said carbohydrates (of which sugars) is that sugar or sumthin else i don't really understand the labels i never usually bother readin them!
  • I would ignore the nutritional information bit on the label as it can be a bit misleading. Anything that has fruit in it will have quite high sugar levels but these are naturally occuring fruit sugars and aren't really a problem. Best thing to do is to look at the ingredients and avoid anything that has sugar (or glucose, fructose, sucrose etc) listed as an ingredient as that means that extra sugar has been added.
  • Oh yeah didn't think bout the natural sugar! Thanx bedhead!
  • And the higher in the ingredients list something is listed, the more there is in there, if that makes sense?
    It's worth looking carefully at the labels on a lot of baby foods, it really surprised me how many of them have sugar in them, even though they're marketed for little 'uns.
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