another blonde question from me - LOL (bottle warmers)

so.... they tell you not to pre prepare your formula ....
but i will do, not 24hours in advance, perhaps just one or two in the morning,
save having a screamer on my hands whilst jiggling about with warming cooling
boiling stiring.... lol
i know once the formula has cooled down you shouldnt re heat it,
and you have to have 70degree water to kill the bacteria when you
make it.... so where does the bottle warmer come in?
how do i reheat the formula in the night or at all with a bottle warmer,
if i cant reheat??? does this make sense xx

Lucy x

Last time I put a post on here re FF i got emails off other members telling me
im basically going to be a bad mom - please dont judge me for FF, I cant BF,
so its not an option.


  • Lucky stars who emailed you telling you that! That's ridiculous! I can't beleive some people. You're deffo not a bad mum for ff so don't let them get you down.

    Why don't you do what I do if you're worried about reheating. My lo takes 7oz so I prefill bottles to 5oz then when bubs is hungry I add 2oz boiling water and his milk scoops. Works wonders and takes two need for a warmer either!! X
  • hello there

    shame on the BE members who emailed you, you should forward them to webed to have these people taken off the site i hope these ladies feel ashamed of themselves!!!

    anyway we made up bottle of cool boiled water with the amount of water we needed, stored them in the fridge no longer than 24 hours so i did the next days feeds that night, then when needed added the formula and heated in the bottle warmer, for nighttime we did what princess87 does topping them up using a flask,

    hope that helps and please forward the emails to webed, x
  • I used a bottle warmer at nights to begin with and I think your confused about the same thing that I was!
    I think the formula companies tell you not to pre-prepare your milk for numerous reasons, but the bottle companies know that for many years Mums have done this and have not had a problem with it so I think that is what they are allowing for and why they make bottle warmers.
    I made 2 or 3 bottles up in advance completely, kept them in the fridge and then heated them when i needed them.

    Hope that helps a bit, probably not, its a minefield of guidelines and advice that we all need to get through and decide whats best for you and your baby!

    And shame on those for emailing you, I formula fed and my little one has never had a tummy bug or anything worse in his life and he is 1 in a few weeks!

    Good luck!

  • Can't believe people can be so mean - I feel guilty for not continuing BF and it certainly doesn't help when people get judgemental.

    Anyhoo my daughter had horrific colic s use colief which has to be in the bottle for certain amount of time (30mins if made fresh or 4 hrs of stored in fridge) I have no idea how anyone could plan for making the bottle at the right time so we make a couple of bottles in advance and store in the fridge we then use warmer to reheat as necessary. All
    5 of my nephews/nieces had their bottles made in advance and reheated as well as lots of my friends kids. The midwife who did my home visits told us that she wouldn't have concerns about us making up in advance and that current advice is really aimed at people who don't have much common sense and make up massive bottles then just use it for feeds throughout the night rather than make up separate bottles.
  • Bless you!

    I wack six 9oz bottles in a microwave steriliser, boil a kettle (or have done it earlier then pour into a jug to cool)
    When the bottles are ready, I fill up to 7oz each put the lid on and leave them on the side.

    As and when my little monkey wants one, I'll scoop the milk powder in and she will happily take them room temperature (this is something I instilled from birth for night feeds! there was no way I was going through all the hell I did with my first one waiting for a stupid bottle warmer or trudging downstairs every two hours to warm one in the microwave! I LIKE SLEEP TOO MUCH!) so I'd just take two or three of the bottles up and put on the bedside table next to the powder dispenser, and again...... just decant the powder in the bottle when needed, feed baby, then back to slumberland! without moving out of bed!

    I only heat up the night feed before bed! so it helps her get sleepy and makes it something she recognises as night/bed time

    It makes it so easy when you're out and about, I take the bottles with the cooled water in and a seperate milk powder dispenser in my bag and mix it and shake up when needed. I do get funny looks sometimes as I'm tapping it in but I dont give a monkeys what people think and that I might be a bad mother for not breastfeeding! thats their problem not mine!

    I would never put the milk powder in and store in the fridge this time. I did this with my first baby and he had the squits quite alot!! and it was a pain having to warm it up again. With my second I did it 'my' way and we haven't looked back! so I will be doing the same for number three. If my baby needs any medication like calpol etc due to teething I just put a dose in her bottle before letting her have it.

    Some people are surprised that my baby will take her feed unwarmed, but as I did it from birth she's very happy with it.

  • i just wanted to say my LO got poorly on powdered feeds that were mixed at room temp as the fats dont dissolve properly, the ready mixed was fine but we had to warm the bottle when we mixed powder with cool water x
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