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go by the oz marks or the ml marks when making up bottles - bit random but always wondered why they have two ways to measure the milk when they (professionals) tell you to be so accurate when making up bottles? We go by ml's as they say 1scoop to every 30mls but it would be easier to go by the oz markings on the bottles we use!?!


  • you need to read the back of your milk box - i'm sure they all say use the oz mark - 1 scoop = 1 oz

    there are only 27mls to 1 fluid oz (if i remember right!)

    just cos this got me thinking, there are 28.4 mls in 1 fluid oz (had to Google it!!)

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  • On mine its says 1 scoop to 1 oz or 1 scoop to 30 mls. I go off ounce as its easier to make up and easier to glance and see how much she has had to drink.
  • well tbh i want go by the oz as it clearly states it on the bottles but the mls go up in 20's so if for example i make 210ml i have to guess it which i don't like doing. on the box it says 1 scoop to every 30mls (approx 1oz)!?!
  • i use mainly ml's over here in cyprus thats all they use 30ml per scoop but i was use to seeing oz in england with all my friends babys. so i do use both really more so on oz lately.
  • I use oz's. 6oz - 6 scoops. Ml's get confusing especially at 3am night feeds :lol:

    6 oz 6 scoops is just right for my brain at that time!!


  • I go by the ozs coz usually my brain isnt up to much for the year after I have the baby!!!!
  • right im going by the oz's then my brain isn't suited to working out the mls (and like Garfield said) especially not for night feeds! lol!! x
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