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My HV told me I should start thinking about safety around the home as my LO is approaching 7 months. So I've been having a look online and realise that I'm totally clueless and wonder if you could please help.

I know I need a fire guard but would you advise getting cushiony guard before actually getting a fire guard?

What are the best type of door gates to get? I'm hopeless at DIY so need something that is easy to fix. I've seen pressure and flexi ones that look quite easy, does anyone have any experience they could pass on.

Should I put locks on kitchen cupboard doors? Again does anyone have an easy, effective method that's been tried and tested.

Sorry for such a mundane post but I really want to get it right, to both save my LO from accidents and so that I don't waste money on something that isn't fit for the job. Thanks so much xx


  • hi there,
    not sure about fire guard as only have radiators (but you need to drum it into them that they get very hot too!!) a firm "NO its Hots, Ouch" a few times usually does the trick.

    when my lo was younger I got: -
    plug socket covers (b&q)
    cupboard locks (b&q) esp for places where you keep cleaning stuff!!
    two stair gates (one for living room door so he couldn't get to front door or up the stairs, and one on his bedroom door - as it wouldn't fit at top of stairs and its also handy to have them in their room playing when you shower etc, as once they can;t fit in abouncer you have no where to keep them safe!!) I bought the pressure gates so no need for DIY!! and mine were 2 for ??40 from mothercare online.
    Bath mat - as they start to move about and walk they can easily slip in bath

    I think thats about it for me, I didn't bother with door stoppers as I warned lo never to slam and shut the doors and he has never trapped his fingers.

    Also a bit later on you'll have to think about front and back door, I think my boy was about 18months when he sussed how to unlock and open the front door!!! also keeping the doors locked in the car (he was nearing 2 when he opened the back door of the car while I was driving!!, and he can wind the back window down too)

    and now at 32months he can undo his bloody car seat buckle!!! Haven't a clue what to do about that one!!

    Have fun with the toddler proofing!!
  • Tesco do a Safety Starter Kit (which is lots cheaper than the Lindam one) with lots of plug socket covers, cushions for table corners, drawer locks, and foam things for doors to stop them slamming on little fingers etc etc.


    Personally the only cupboard I lock is the one with the bleach etc in as I don't mind her amusing herself taking stuff out the (safe) cupboards. Plus I sort of figure that the sooner she realises actually they're not that fascinating the sooner she'll stop emptying them.

    I do have the foam things that sit on top of all my doors though, as if we have both front and back door open there's a big through-draft and the inner doors can and do slam. I also have covers on all the empty plug sockets, as even though LO knows she is not to touch them it's not worth risking it.

    Pressure safety gates are easiest to install but (personally) I would NOT use them on stairs, only in doorways. We had one at the top of our stairs temporarily and it was a trip hazard, no two ways about it (as the pressure ones require a bar all the way along the bottom, unlike the screw-in ones). We now have the cheapest Lindam model stairgates which do involve drilling holes into the wall, but other than that are very straightforward to install.

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  • do u have a usre start nr u? if so they offer a home safety service, if u register iwth them they come out to ur home to advise on what measures u need to take and u usually get a free starter pack (corner cushions, cupboard locks etc) and they sell safety gates and other stuff too, wel worth looking into.

    we have a pressure fix gate (renting so no drilling or screwing for us, and no stairs, it's jsut between our kitchen and living room as its open plan and saves putting locks on every single cupboard and trying to keep ds away from the oven when i'm doing dinner) one that ahs a little gateway so u don't need to climb over it... my local sure start sells this one for ??17


    although asda/tesco often ahve them for ??10-15 during baby events

    hth xx
  • Thanks so much for the advice, much appreciated xx
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