anyones lo's hold their breath?

i noticed millie will do this every so often ( started at 5months and is 6 now) but she doesnt do it when crying or in pain which i know some babies do. she does seems to do it for no reason ?! she does it a few times and thats it. maybe its just something shes learned to do? x x


  • My older 2 would have done it in bad temper from around 6 months & it can be quite scary but thankfully they grew out of it fairly quickly xx
  • yeh i heard some do it when they cant get their own way aswell but millie seems to do it when shes fine little tinker!
  • The wee madam!!! Hopefully its just a habit & it'll pass soon. xx
  • Yep. Zacky does this when his temper kicks in and he cant get his own way. He is just put down to get it out of his system. He always gets to the point where his need to scream kicks in and he breathes again. He does go varying shades of red, purple and blue first though. LOL
  • my oh also does it in his sleep so maybe she gets it from him??
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