suzuki alto - anyone got one?

Hi just wondered if anyones got a suzuki alto and if you can get baby seats and toddlers seats in it ok?


  • Hi Jules,

    We don't have an alto but we have a Suzuki Baleno and have had no problems fitting either a baby or toddler seat in it. Looks very similar at the front to the Alto so not sure how similar the interior is. Ours is an estate and 4 wheel drive so obviously much bigger.

    Don't think that actually helps you at all lol! Suzukis are generally fab cars though! xx
  • hee hee - yeah suzukis are great - i like the splash but theres no way i'll be getting one of them!
    I saw an advert for an alto and the seats are wide and flat (only 2 seats in the back) so thats no problem but there is a rather clumpy headrest that protrudes forward which would mean that the child seat would not sit flat against the back of the seat - i'm assuming its removable but wasn't sure!
  • i have a swift and when we had a look at getting the next size up from his baby seat there were only two styles in mother care that would fit properly!!! it was because of the seat belt and the buckle.
    Really would sugest just going up to a place like mother care and trying some out.
    Everyone said i should get a bigger car cause i have to put the pram frame in the back seat or fromt seat, but i just love my wee car and couldn't do it! How silly getting attached to a car.
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