Trike recommendations please

I know Christmas is ages away but I like to be organised (lol). We are going to get Lily a trike for Christmas but am not sure which one to get or where is best to get them from. I have had a quick look in the mothercare book but am still not sure. She will be 17 months at Xmas and ideally we would like something that will last a while!




  • Thanks Zoey.I like the green colour. I am going to make a list to show hubby when gets home tonight. Any others anyone?
  • Well we went for the Smart Trike in Blue from Argos and the same as QB logan loves it and never goes anywhere in his buggy now! I've even sussed strapping a shopping bag over handle into bucket so don't have to carry everything!
  • Smart Trike is brill! We've got one for Charlotte - in pink!
  • freya has a pink smart trike, its fab and she loves it, we got it for ??39 on ebay brand new, just because the box was damaged. xx
  • We also have a cheaper smart trike (Barney's) and a mothercare own brand one (Millie's) the smart trike is MUCH better because you can steer it from the parent handle, so it's much easier to push.
  • Thanks everyone! I looked in Mothercare this afternoon and have a voucher for money off so will order one and stash it at my mum's! xxx
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