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hey hun seeing as the whole SS thing has calmed down i just wanna say that i was ur SS and have you even received it yet? i sent a claim to royal mail last week for missing mail, i'm so mad u didn't get it, hope ur ok x


  • no i never got it and i was yours aswell.what was the address you sent it too?did you ever get yours mate.i have another one here ready to send to you mate.it might arrive after xmas but that would be ok x
  • think it has been sent out to the wrong address its 36 midland rd i live at not 3.gonna try go post office 2moro see what they say will let you know how i get on x
  • ah maybe thats what the problem is...could u see if the ppl at number 3 have received it maybe? i never did get mine either...damn royal mail grrrr!! x
  • there aint a number three so gonna go down post office see what happens x
  • they said that it gets terurned to sender if no address it goes belfast n they open it and try find an address x
  • o god thats great, i didnt put a return addy on cuz obv that could have spoilt the SS and obv it would have cuz u had my address anyway :roll: lol x
  • still try to claim from them i would also ring belfast see what they say or u go in your post office and ask them see what they say
  • yeah i've sent the claim form off with all receipts, luckily i kept them, normally i don't! x
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