Think They Is A Virus Going Round On Facebook

thought i would warn you ladies,i got a email from a friend saying "is it me in this video" so you click on the link and it sends you to youtube and it doesnt download proper but since then ive had nothing but trouble with popups saying about a virus and ive just had another email from someone else saying "wot you on about,wot video" so it looks like it gets in to your facebook and sends everyone a email whos in your list,so warn everyone not to download ladies



  • yes,its going around again then,just told my OH and hes not very happy :cry: good job it was over the phone :lol: but ive been told off,gotta shut the pc down now,ive been told!!! :lol:

  • yep i had this too ..the clue is in the title usually like this
    iitssss yooouuuuuuuu innnn theeeee vidddddeeeooooo :lol: just dont click the link :lol:
  • Thanx for letting everyone know hun. I had this from a friend yesterday as someone had hacked her account. Luckily I did'nt open it and I've deleted it since reading your post. Thank you again x x x
  • I've had it too but didn't open it! it just looked dodgy! lol x
  • Thanks for letting us know it is doing the rounds again! I had this months ago and thought it had stopped!
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