water babies photo shoot

Good morning ladies and babies, hope you are all enjoying the sunshine.

I was wondering if anyone has attended a water babies photo shoot?

I am yet to receive my invite with the details on it but am really impatient and would very much like to have an idea of costs.

I am sure that it varys from area to area but if anyone has been to one and doesn't mind sharing what they paid I would be very greatful.



  • Hiya

    Yes we did, about a month ago. It cost ??45 (non-refundable for the session), plus photos on top.

    The session itself was very well run and was like a mini lesson.

    DD seems to be having 'issues' in the water at the moment anyway so our photos weren't very good as she cried most of the session, but I have friends who also did it and were really pleased with the results. Photos are about ??40 for the smallest size from memory, but if you want larger prints, canvases etc then obviously it gets quite expensive.

    Waterbabies say they cant guarantee the quality of the photos, but as a one-off did agree that we could get ours redone at the next shoot - they don't normally do ths but think they felt sorry for me as I have been getting in a right tiz about the fact DD has a mild swimming phobia.

    If you have the money I would say go for it, but be strict with yourself and only get the smaller size picture, unless it is an amazing one,

    hth xx
  • Hi we did this with our ds too, it cost ??45 for the actual shoot.

    Then our photo was ??169! thats just for the photo, it then cost us ??80 to get it framed (not done through waterbabies)

    In my opinion, if you just want a small photo then the cost isn't worth it, because they aren't that high impact. Our photo is quite large and everyone comments on it when they see it. In hindsight though, if I had worked out the cost then I wouldn't have bothered with the shoot, although I love the photo now.

    We wont be taking dd to waterbabies or the photo shoot though because of the cost

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