Scared of the hoover!


Lily is scared of the hoover. She screams when she sees us getting it out and gets hysterical. It is so bad hubby hoovers while I take Lily upstairs and dsitract her, but even then you can tell she is listening to the hoover. Nothing had happened to make her suddenly scared of it tho. The other day she saw it in the hall way and started to dig her nails into me and cry hysterically! Any suggestions as to how I can get her to 'like' the hoover?



  • ive no idea how to help with that one,. but jake hates the hoover too!!!
  • We've got this problem too! Louise just suddenly became frightened of it when it's turned on!

    It's a pain but also a great excuss to always get my dh to do the hoovering! lol
  • Hey,
    We've had the same thing of late. Alf was in his Jumperoo while I vacced and he just freaked out. So I brought him over to say 'Hi' to Vinne the Vac (thought it might help naming it?!!) and that seemed to make it a bit better. He was happier to sit in his highchair while I vacced than his Jumperoo so maybe its a hight/closeness thing? Haven't experienced the balloon/hairdryer thing yet. The hairdryer stops him in his tracks but as yet no crying ((she touches wood in a panic!)) and I'm not lucky enough to get a balloon (what a lovely idea!)
    Am sure its a phase they go through like when they're suddenly not to sure about going to other people at 6months?? Not sure x
  • mmmmm..........must be something about our July babies!! :lol:
  • I'm pleased Lly isn't the only baby scared of the hoover! Katie love the idea of the prettyness to the hoover lol! I tried letting her touch it but she pulls her arms away and goes 'ugh ugh ugh' in a panic and literally breaks out in a sweat! Hopefull she will get over the mo she is ok with the hair dryer!
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