pill question - let me pick your brains!

after feeling pretty smug that i'd managed to remember to take my pill for a whole strip (only by strapping it to my deodorant bottle!) I've started a course of antibiotics for a throat infection today, so I know that antibiotics render the pill useless against swimmers, but what do I do about taking it? Today was the last one in my pack so was due to have my 7 pill free days starting tomorrow, should I start straight onto the next pack or just go pill free as planned?

Any advice would be great

Thanks ladies

Liz xxx


  • I would have your 7 pill free days, and start taking your pills as normal after this and just use extra protection through your next pack. I just wouldnt want to chance messing my pills up, and wouldnt chance getting pregnant again from the pill and the antibiotics mixing.

    Emma xxx
  • Argh its such a pain! Thanks for your reply x
  • Hey hun, I'm not sure it makes the pill completely useless, just not as effective. I agree with Emma. Carry on as you should be, but use extra protection for the duration of the antibiotic course. xx
  • Lol that's why I got the implant! Forgetting a pill was how my lovely lo came about haha!

    I'd just keep going as normal and use a condom blah blah blah...and obviously 7 days after too...

  • I would have the 7 day break as planned. x
  • I agree with the others - I'm off with the selotape to find my deoderant - thanks for the tip image
  • Thanks ladies!

    Ruth77 - its literally the only thing I use everyday (apart from toothpaste, but I share that with OH!) and it works a treat!

  • lol, Iit's a fab tip, really makes sense, might do the same with my OHs inhaler, though that's a bit more chunky!! Just realised my reply makes me sound a bit skanky....I do know where my deoderant is!! x
  • I'd have to have taped mine to my phone in order to remember...I used to have four packets on the go at once...in my handbag, in the toilet, in my dresser and in my locker haha!
  • Don't you use deoderent everyday then Princess87?!?!?!?!
  • I do lol but again I have hundreds scattered everywhere including a travel one in my purse...im a bit scatterbrained haha! X
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