any runners have an episiotomy ?

hi ladies - i had an episiotomy 12 weeks ago and my pelvic floor is still not right - just wondered if you ever got back to normal running wise and how long it took , its driving me wild not being able to get out there ! Xx


  • Hi, not sure I can help but will tell you my experience. I had a 3rd degree tear but not an episiotomy. I started running again at 8 weeks and reading that back that sounds shocking. Why wasn't I putting my feet up?! Madness. Think I just wanted a bit of time to feel like my old self again. I did a v gentle 10 min tho and I was shattered. In terms of my pelvic floor it didn't feel too bad, tho I had very bad swelling after the delivery. I remember the doctor wincing. Because I had a 3rd degree tear I was automatically referred to physio who saw me about 12 weeks and gave me some exercises to do. Any concerns I would see if you have a similar service where you live. Don't just put up with it if you don't feel its not right. Good luck and hope you get back to running soon.
  • thanks bee monkey ill ask at my check up on wed xx
  • haia, i had a 2nd degree tear, did some quite strenuous running at 7 weeks ( in hindsight, was way way too early) and my pf was not good!! 3 weeks on, and a lot of pf exercises, i could run without worrying about leaks, especially when changing pace. touch wood, everything seems back to normal now, i was that horrifed after my first attempt at running that i did my pf exercises like a mad woman, and that along with more time to heal, has done the trick! xx
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