sahm or working mum???

hi all ,i just thought id do a post to see what the majority of us do ....not for any other reason other than i want soooo badly to be able to be a sahm at least till my lo's are both in full time school but since we need to move house asap due to the lack of space where we are i have to go back to work i work at tesco 16 hours and in the nursery i used to work at ,14 hours a week so ill be doing 30 hours a week

i feel really awful that i wont be here every day 3-6 and 2 days a week i wont be here in the mornings cos ill start at 6am at tesco but its a means to an end and if my oh gets made redundant at the end of the month we wont be able to move but we will at least afford the bills for a bit ....sorry that turned into a bit of an all about me :lol:

so what do u all do ...sorry for the nosyness image xxxxx


  • I'm a SAHM but to be honest I'd love to get out of the house for a bit! I'm thinking of helping out in a school one or two mornings a week, just so I can use my brain a bit! I love the fact that I'm around for my girls, but sometimes I long for a proper conversation with a grown up. I think sometimes the grass seems greener; I know if I had to work I'd probably hate it. I'm lucky that my hubby is a fireman so we're not rich or owt but it's a pretty secure job.

  • Um, both sort of, at the moment. I work freelance from home which is lovely in theory, bloody hard in practice. I am having to be very disciplined about working during his naps and it means I get very, very little down time as there is always something to do when he doesn't need me.

    I am currently applying for a full-time job which would take me out of the house probably 4 days a week minimum. I'm not sure how I feel about that prospect but will cross that bridge if and when it comes to it. My chances of getting the job aren't great, but it is nice to be polishing my CV again. Even if it comes to nothing, I will have given my self-confidence a bit of a fillip! :\)
  • Err I will be both. Will be doing a childminding course in October so will have some money coming in but will be able to do what I do all day now, just with another child or 2. Figure it's a great problem solver as I won't miss out on anything with Oscar but he'll also get to be around other children too image
  • I'm a sahm, we just about manage on oh's salary so I don't work. Although having said that I suppose strictily speaking I am now a wahm (work at home mum), I've got a new shop and everything!!
  • well if my oh isnt made redundant he finshes at 3 every day so will be able to pick up ds from school and will be with them while at work so i guess having at least one parent is better than neither of us ....even with both us working nearly full time we still only earn about 23k a year which is pants!! xx
  • WOKRING mum and LOVE IT!!! image

    As a teacher I get to spend 13 FULL weeks at home with Max anyway! So best of both words I suppose!
  • i will be going back to work in january when pippa is 9 months old, i'll be working 34.5 hours a week over three days dh will look after her one day and she'll go to nursery for the other 2. I love being at home with pippa but i love my job as well, in an ideal world i'd like to work 2 days a week but i need the money. Only problem is i'll go to work before she gets up and get home long after she's gone to bed so won't see her 3 days a week
  • CC I plan on doing my teacher training once Oscar is in school or nursery. It's not my dream job, but it's my second dream job lol!

    My sister will also essentially be doing what you do when she goes to work when her youngest is old enough.
  • Working Mum!
    I work 31.5 hours a week, but its shifts because i'm a nurse.
    Start nights next week, Grrrr!
  • when daniel was 1 i went back to work part time and my MIL looked after him,then had to leave work as i got pregnant again but this time ive had twins,so wont be going back to work when there one as MIL wont be able to look after 3 likds :lol: iam a little gutted in a way cos the money i got really helped and was my spending money now iam gona be a sahm iam gonna have very little

  • I have been both & don't enjoy being a sahm at all!! xx
  • Im a SAHM and enjoy being with my lo. Despite being very hard up when oh was a student (until last week) we coped. I just make sure we go out somewhere or have people over to ensure I dont get bored stuck in the house. Although, since my car got written off I have been very bored as walking round my local village and visiting the local park gets tedious after a few days!

    I joined Usborne to earn some pennies, get myself out the house and keep my brain ticking over! To keep my registration after February, I am considering doing a couple of nights a week. I may have considered this earlier, but our families live over 2hrs away and friends work full time so I decided to be a SAHM than put her into nursery. I am happy that I have been able to see my daughter develop and progress through her milestones. x

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  • I returned to work full time after my eldest started school. Before then I worked 3 days a week & had college

    Now I am off on mat leave and considering returning part-time. I don't want to be stuck at work and paying someone else to look after my kids. Childcare would also eat up my wages.

    I also couldn't stay at home full time with the kids. It would crack me up. xx
  • I am going back to work 4 days a week in November when Joseph will be 5 and a half months. Hoped to have longer off but couldn't get a mortagage break as house price has dropped so that's a bit rubbish. I will miss him but at least I get long holidays (I'm a teacher too) and he will be with my oh and my mum some of the time. Would like to be a sahm but can't afford to be!!!
  • I work 30hrs a week over 3.5 days. To me the balance is right. I need to work to pay the bills but didn't like the thought of working 4 o5 days a week and only having 2 days a week with lo and paying someone else to spend more time with my son than me.

    I'd love to work less. But actually now I'm back into the routine I quite like being at work. Lo has become much more social, he was a very shy sensitive soul before.

    Ideal world I'd just work 2 days a week but never gonna happen. S x
  • I was a sahm when my grown up children were small and loved it. I was so young when I had them though I had never worked so wasn't giving up an income or missing colleagues. My then hubby earned an ok wage but drank most of it so we never had much. Now I am the main earner and I will be working full time. I was absolutely dreading it but I started back for the last week of term and it was much better than I had thought - with 30 5years olds wanting my attention all day I hardly had time to miss Cally, and it was good feeling I was something other than just a mum. I wish we could afford for me to work part time but needs must. I expect September to be a bit different as I will have 7 weeks to wait for the next hols and not just one, but as Craftycharli said we gets lots of hols, and I am lucky cos Cally's 1st birthday falls in half term. I have loved being off with her but it will be good to use my brain again. Plus I can come home early some nights and do work after Cally has gone to bed. Her dad and grandmas will be looking after her too so I know she is in good hands and we don't have to fork out for child care - I would hate to have to pay someone else to do what I want to be doing with my child. But everyone just has to do what is right for them and for their circumstances.
    Alison xx
  • i am both i spose. i work only on a saturday so am at home 6 days a week. i kove being at home with daisy and jsut grin and bear work on a saturday. i take home about ??400 a month for working one day a week which pays for my car loan and a bank loan i took out to pat credit cards off. i initiall planned on working fridays aswell and what ever i earned from these days would would be spendable but id much rather stay at home and have less money for clothes and stuff. in fact i dont think i ever want to go back full time. i wish id done this parenting malarky years ago lol!!!
  • i stay at home to look after annabelle and want to for the future, definitely until she starts school. xx
  • Im a stay at home mum, have worked on and off the past 6 years though....we have such an expensive year next year so looks like i may have to find something part-time....westbrom1, can i ask what you do..?!? xxx
  • I was full time and after m/l returned to work on 30hours over 4 days but to be honest am finding it tiring and I really have to push my self on my day off to do stuff with Charlie and our house constantly looks like a bombsite. Im currently looking for a job 3 days a week, so that i can use one day for being at home with my munchkin and get a few bits done and then the fri is all about charlie. Money will be tight but its a sacrifice im gonna have to make.xx
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